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<br /> 't 1 <br /> '"" <br /> '. <br /> II. DESIGN GUIDELINES--Ron Sanetel e <br /> Mr. Sanetel explained the process that the subcommittee went through to develop <br /> the guidelines being presented to the council for approval. Mr. Sanetel read <br /> the Statement of Intent from the distributed "Downtown Retail Development <br /> Design Guidelines." He explained and read the points listed in the guidelines. <br /> He explained how the guidelines would help the architects to develop a conceptual <br /> plan. He said it is a continuing process. The conceptual plan will be compared <br /> with the guidelines. The meeting was. opened for discussion and comment. <br /> Ms. Ehrman asked what was meant by "Make downtown more 'businesslike' than <br /> 'parklike.'" Mr. Sanetel said the guidelines do not address the issue of removing <br /> what is presently there. They are intended to direct new development and direct <br /> how the new development will interface with what is there. Mr. Genasci added <br /> that they would try to make downtown more pedestrian-oriented by having fewer <br /> trees and making it more like a street. <br /> Ms. Wooten asked what was the size of the area the developers were considering. <br /> Ms. Stewart said sh~ would not know until the plan was presented in October. <br /> The area under consideration is between Willamette and Charnelton streets and <br /> 8th and 10th avenues. Ms. Wooten asked how much demolition would occur. Ms. <br /> Stewart replied they had no specific information but that it would be a sub- <br /> stanti al amount. Staff had done a survey of the area looking for buildings of <br /> historical significance. Ms. Wooten asked if this would not require at least <br /> two parking structures. Ms. Stewart said it would. Ms. Wooten asked if the <br /> City would have to provide the parking structures. Ms. Stewart said not neces- <br /> sarily. The ratio is negotiable. e <br /> Mr. Obie asked if the public gathering space would conflict with-the present <br /> gathering space at Broadway and Willamette. Mr. Sanetel said this was a valid <br /> concern. He said the developer would most likely improve the present area. <br /> Ms. Stewart added that in the next two months staff will be looking at the <br /> design plan and reviewing the internal circulation and more importantly, the <br /> external circulation. Staff wanted to review how this project would fit into <br /> downtown. Mr. Sanetel said the developer knows there is opposition to an <br /> enclosed public space. He said the developer did not want to stop the project <br /> but did want to have input in the form of guidelines. <br /> Mr. Obie said they could not have a center without environmental control. <br /> If the council members had different thoughts they voice them now. ~ls. Wooten <br /> was unsure but did not think the downtown merchants would like an environmen- <br /> tally controlled mall. Mr. Neustadter cited the market study. He said an <br /> enclosed mall was necessary to recover the area's share of the market. He would <br /> not discourage the developer. Mr. Genasci said the developer was not going to <br /> present an enclosed suburban mall. He was going to consider all aspects of <br /> downtown and consider the external pedestrian flow. Mr. Pritchard added the <br /> subcommittee reflected the same concerns. The developer was told what is needed <br /> to produce a design that is acceptable. The developer did not see internal or <br /> external circulation as a problem; he was willing to go ahead. <br /> Mr. Owen cautioned members that merchants will want to be included in the mall. <br /> It was important that the project not be too large. They must not ,make the <br /> mistake of the present too-large mall. e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council Dinner Session September 10, 1984 Page 2 <br />