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<br /> -T <br /> M I NUT E S <br />- Eugene City Council <br /> Dinner Session <br /> Middle Columbia Room, Valley River Inn <br /> October 8, 1984 <br /> 5 :00 p.m. <br /> PRESENT: Cynthia Wooten, Chair; Richard Hansen, Debra Ehrman, John Ball, Emily <br /> Schue, Ruth Bascom, Freeman Holmer, Councilors; Roger Rutan, Planning <br /> Commission; Micheal Gleason, City Manager; Dave Whitlow, Assistant <br /> City Manager; Susan Brody, Pat Decker, Teresa Bishow, Jerry Jacobson, <br /> Planning Staff; Elaine Stewart, Community Development Director; Tim <br /> Birr, Acting Public Relations Officer <br /> Ms. Wooten called the meeting to order. She introduced Mr. Rutan, Planning <br /> Commission member and Councilor-elect. <br /> Ms. Wooten said, in preparation for the meeting on October 15, members would <br /> go over the changes in the draft Downtown Plan made by the Planning Commission <br /> and outlined in the distributed material "Revisions and Errata May 1984 Draft <br /> Eugene Downtown Plan." She introduced Ms. Decker to answer questions. <br /> 1. EUGENE DOWNTOWN PLAN DRAFT (memorandum distributed) <br />- Ms. Decker said the distributed material reflected the changes by both the <br /> Downtown Commission and the Planning Commission made after public hearings <br /> before those bodies. The council public hearing on the Downtown Plan will <br /> be held on October 22nd. <br /> Ms. Decker stated both commissions agreed that language needed to be clarified. <br /> They agreed that emphasis on downtown as a business and commercial center was <br /> needed. Both commissions dealt with Willamette Street between 10th and 11th. <br /> Both commissions agreed that a design process is needed to evaluate design <br /> proposal s. The Planning Commission agreed with the Downtown Commission but <br /> opened the range of options the bodies should be considering. The Pl anni ng <br /> Commission wanted the expanded option of not opening the street. <br /> Ms. Stewart said the Chair of the Planning Commission and the Chair of the <br /> Downtown Commission will present their positions to the City Council. The <br /> City Council will make the final decisions. <br /> Members reviewed the revised version of the introduction. They asked if <br /> the listing of priorities was according to importance. Staff told them the <br /> listing was the priority of the Downtown Commission but did not reflect the <br /> projects in order of implementation. Ms. Ehrman did not want to adopt the <br /> priorities. <br /> Ms. Wooten pointed out that the items 4.4, 4.5, and 4.6 on page 2 do not belong <br /> in the document. Members agreed that staff should develop a work plan for such <br /> mi nor items. Ms. Brody reminded council that they would take action after the <br />.e council public hearing. <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council Dinner Session October 8, 1984 Page 1 <br />