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<br /> Ms. Jones said the next step will be the development of a refinement plan <br />e for the Glenwood area by the jurisdiction that will deliver services. Two <br /> issues that the CAT requested be addressed by the refinement plan are the <br /> ability of Glenwood residents to use Willamalane recreational facilities and <br /> services and the concern of residents that their properties will be annexed <br /> without their consent. <br /> The Metropolitan General Plan will have to be amended to reflect the resolu- <br /> tion of the Glenwood issue. The amendment will probably be considered during <br /> the mid-review process. <br /> Mr. Ball had been on the CAT. He said the issues had been tough. He compli- <br /> mented the team and the staff for working professionally through the process. <br /> Responding to a question from Ms. Ehrman, Ms. Jones said the recreational <br /> services issue would involve negotiations between the Eugene Parks & Recrea- <br /> tion Department and the Willamalane Board of Directors. There is a precedent <br /> for the negotiations. <br /> Ms. Wooten opened the public hearing. <br /> There being no testimony presented, the public hearing was closed. <br /> Mr. Hansen had also served on the CAT and emphasized that the Glenwood Study <br /> is a long-range planning effort. It is not an aggresive annexation effort. <br /> He said the people of Glenwood will have a system within which to work if <br /> Eugene is designated as the provider of services. He complimented the staff <br />e and the many Glenwood citizens who had worked on the study. <br /> CB 2780--An ordinance adopting the Glenwood Jurisdictional <br /> Study and selecting Alternative 2 of that study. <br /> Ms. Schue moved, seconded by Mr. Ball, that the bill be read <br /> the second time by council bill number only, with unanimous <br /> consent of the City Council, and that enactment be considered <br /> at this time. Roll call vote; the motion carried unanimously, <br /> 7:0. <br /> Council Bill 2780 was read the second time by council bill number only. <br /> Ms. Schue moved, seconded by Mr. Ball, that the bill be approved <br /> and given final passage. Roll call vote; all councilors present <br /> voting aye, the bill was declared passed (and became Ordinance <br /> No. 19283). <br /> B. Lane County Referral of Metropolitan Plan Amendments (memo, <br /> background information distributed <br /> City Manager Micheal Gleason introduced the agenda item. Terry Jones of <br /> the Planning Department presented the staff report. Lane County had initiated <br /> a series of amendments to the Metropolitan Plan and referred them to the City <br /> for consideration. The changes involved exception areas which surround the <br /> urban growth boundary but are within the Metropolitan Plan boundary. The <br />e exception areas are not resource lands. <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 8, 1984 Page 2 <br />