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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> - Eugene City Council <br /> City Council Chamber <br /> October 31, 1984 <br /> 12:05 p.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Brian Obie (from 12:10), Cynthia Wooten, John Ball, Ruth <br /> Bascom, Debra Ehrman, Richard Hansen, Freeman Holmer, <br /> Emily Schue. <br /> Adjourned meeting of the City Council of the City of Eugene, Oregon, was <br /> called to order by Council President Obie in the absence of His Honor Mayor <br /> Gus Keller. <br /> I. ITEMS FROM MAYOR AND COUNCIL, APPOINTMENTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AGENDA <br /> ADJUSTMENTS <br /> A. Council Encouraging the Populace to Vote <br /> Councilor Ehrman encouraged all citizens to vote on November 6. Councilor <br /> Ball echoed her comments, stating that citizens had placed several measures on <br /> the ballot and that it was appropriate for voters to take a stand on those <br /> -,. measures. <br /> B. Ballot Measure 2 <br /> Councilor Schue stated that she had recently discussed Ballot Measure 2 <br /> with citizens at the Campbell Senior Center. She urged citizens to make every <br /> effort to defeat that measure. <br /> C. Ballot Measure 52 <br /> Councilor Hansen stated that he was strongly opposed to Ballot Measure 52 and <br /> that he would be appearing on a local TV show on November 5 to support his <br /> position. <br /> D. Review of Eugene Sidewalk Policy <br /> Councilor Hansen stated that the council had previously discussed the Sidewalk <br /> Policy and staff had indicated a work session would be scheduled within two <br /> weeks. He asked staff to report the status of that discussion and work <br /> session. <br /> E. Eugene Sign Ordinance <br /> Councilor Hansen reported that the council had recently denied a request for <br /> an appeal of the Sign Ordinance. He suggested that the council review the <br /> e ordinance before addressing any future appeals. <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 31, 1984 Page 1 <br />