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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> e Eugene City Council <br /> Dinner Session <br /> Treehouse Restaurant, Franklin Boulevard <br /> December 10, 1984 <br /> 5 p.m. <br /> PRESENT: Mayor "Gus" .Keller, Freeman Holmer, Brian Obie, Dick Hansen, Ruth <br /> Bascom, Debra Ehrman, Roger Rutan, Emily Schue, Cynthia Wooten, <br /> members; Micheal D. Gleason, Dave Whitlow, Tim Sercombe, Mick <br /> Nolte, Jim Croteau, Tom Hayes, Terri Vanderpool, Darcy Marentette, <br /> Ci ty staff. <br /> Mayor Keller called the meeting to order at 5:20 p.m. <br /> Io PREPARATION FOR PUBLIC HEARING <br /> Mr. Croteau told councilors that at tonight's City Council meeting they would <br /> have two public hearings on the Amelia Coven annexation. There were four <br /> items of which they needed to be aware: 1) Mr. Croteau said he would explain <br /> the issue of annexation under the new processes adopted a year ago, 2) he <br /> wished to tell members why the hearing was before them (it was an appeal - <br /> hearing), 3) he wanted to layout the three options or decisions that the <br /> e councilors could make, and 4) he wanted to layout the rules the councilors <br /> were subject to. <br /> Mr. Croteau explained the new annexation process. The new rules now have the <br /> annexation and zone changes considered initially by the Planning Commission. <br /> These are two different types of land use applications but can he considered <br /> at the same time. The Planning Commission decision on zoning is final. It <br /> does not go to the City Council unless appealed. The annexation, on the <br /> other hand, is a Planning Commission recommendation to the City Council. In <br /> the case to be heard this evening, the Planning Commission voted 5:1 to <br /> approve the annexation subject to there being a recorded access filed. The <br /> City Council holds a first hearing to decide if they will hold a public <br /> hearing (a call for a public hearing). The City Council could decide to hold <br /> or not hold a public hearing, accept the recommendation of the Planning <br /> Commission, and adopt the resolution to be forwarded to the Boundary <br /> Commission. <br /> Mr. Croteau explained that the citizens opposed to the annexation had <br /> appealed the decision of the Planning Commission, and the City Council would <br /> have to hold a public hearing. Tonight would be an appeal hearing. To <br /> uphold the Planning Commission recommendation) the City Council would adopt <br /> a resolution approving the annexation and forwarding it on to the Boundary <br /> Commission. Mr. Obie asked if the City Council could deny the appeal. <br /> Mr. Sercombe suggested that he state the reasons for denial. This would be <br /> written as a finding and would be approved at the Wednesday meeting. <br /> e Mr. Croteau distributed a list of annexation and zone change criteria to be <br /> used as the basis of a decision. <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council Dinner Session Decemher 10, 1984 Page 1 <br />