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<br /> . <br /> M I NUT E S <br />e Eugene City Council <br /> Special Meeting <br /> Mayor's Office, City Hall I <br /> December 19, 1984 <br /> 11 a.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Brian Obie, Freeman Holmer, Emily Schue, Richard Hansen <br /> Debra Ehrman, Ruth Bascom, Cynthia Wooten (11:20-1:30). <br /> The Special meeting of the City Council of the City of Eugene, Oregon was <br /> called to order by Council President Brian Obie. <br /> I. COUNCIL GOAL SETTING SESSION <br /> Mr. Obie asked if the other councilors preferred to have the goal setting <br /> session on an evening or a Saturday. Ms. Schue and Ms. Ehrman preferred an <br /> evening meeting. Mr. Holmer and Ms. Schue did not want to meet on Friday <br /> evening. Ms. Ehrman said it is not necessary for all department heads to <br /> attend the council's goal setting session. It was agreed the session should <br /> be in February. <br />e II. INTERVIEWS FOR APPOINTMENT TO CITY COUNCIL SEAT, WARD 6 <br /> Councilors had received an application from each of the four candidates for <br /> the Ward 6 Council seat. Each of the candidates was interviewed separately. <br /> Each introduced himself and spoke of his motivation in seeking a council <br /> set. Then each candidate answered Questions from councilors. Mr. Obie <br /> thanked each candidate for his contribution to the City and interest in the <br /> position. <br /> A. James Ashley, Sr. <br /> Mr. Ashley served in the armed services for 21 1/2 years. He holds positions <br /> in many veterans' organizations. <br /> Answering Questions, Mr. Ashley said he is a political moderate. He was sure <br /> the position of City Councilor would be less stressful than lobbying in Salem <br /> and Washington, D.C. He has service-connected injuries and is on "hard <br /> medications." He foresees no additional medical problems. He would have <br /> voted as the council voted the first time on the widening of 6th and 7th <br /> avenues. He loves trees, but they are not worth $10,000 each. He thought <br /> the councilors were doing a fine job, although he had not understood all <br /> their votes. <br />-- <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council December 19, 1984 Pa ge 1 <br />