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<br /> Mr. Drapela recommended the following statement be included in the Parks <br />e Master Plan. <br /> If a golf course operator is able to obtain private financing, necessary <br /> permits, respond to safety concerns and produce a plan acceptable to the <br /> City, the expansion of Laure1wood to an 18-ho1e course should be allowed. <br /> Mr. Drapela said the statement is consistent with the recommendation of the <br /> Joint Parks Committee. He noted the statement does not necessarily encourage <br /> the expansion of the Laurelwood Golf Course. <br /> Mr. Drape1a recommended no reference be made to the Maude Kerns Art Center in <br /> the Parks Master Plan because City representatives have not completed negotia- <br /> tions with Maude Kerns representatives. He also recommended the following <br /> statements from the Culture/Leisure Plan be inserted in the Parks Master <br /> Plan. <br /> Recognize that there is a minimum mix of arts, sports and leisure <br /> resources that is essential to the success of Eugene's Economic and <br /> Diversification Program. (Policy 5) <br /> Identify the need for and facilitate development of sports, leisure and <br /> arts resources new to the community. (Policy 10) <br /> Ms. Wooten said she, Mr. Holmer, and Ms. Bascom were appointed to a subcommit- <br /> tee to resolve the plan implementation of the Culture/Leisure Plan. She said <br />e the subcommittee should review the procedure before the Joint Parks Committee <br /> acts on it. Mr. Drapela said he will convene the subcommittee. <br /> Mr. Holmer noted that the Parks and Recreation Master Plan is not funded in <br /> the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Mr. Gleason responded that federal <br /> funds have been used for the CIP and those funds are decreasing. None of the <br /> master plans of the City are tied to the CIP. The master plans and the CIP <br /> are separate City programs. <br /> Mr. Holmer said he will vote against adoption of the Parks Master Plan with <br /> reluctance. He did not think the process has developed a plan that can be <br /> funded. The plan contains many delightful ideas which he hoped would be <br /> implemented, but he thought the plan should be more relevant to the City's <br /> budget. <br /> Ms. Wooten asked Mr. Drapela to submit a report about negotiations with Maude <br /> Kerns Art Center representatives. <br /> Ms. Schue said the Parks Department staff is seeking funds for projects in the <br /> Parks Master Plan. If the funds are obtained, the City should have a plan for <br /> using them, so she will support the Parks Master Plan. <br /> Mr. Rutan said the Parks Master Plan indicates a long-range vision of the <br /> parks and recreation program of the city. He said the list of projects is not <br /> an un~a1istic "wish" list and the projects are in a reasonable queue. <br />e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council September 18, 1985 Page 2 <br />