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<br /> III. RIVERFRONT RESEARCH PARK <br /> . Mayor Obie said the initiation of the Riverfront Research Park project indi- <br /> cated a realization by members of the City Council that the City and the <br /> universities could play an important role in changing the agricultural and <br /> wood products based economy of the Eugene/Springfield area. The cluster of <br /> new science buildings to be constructed with State and Federal funds is an <br /> important factor in the diversification. It will increase the city's attrac- <br /> tiveness to new industries. It illustrates the vision that will change the <br /> economy. <br /> Councilor Wooten discussed the cooperation between University and City repre- <br /> sentatives which resulted in the design of the Riverfront Research Park. She <br /> said an intergovernmental commission is being formed to oversee the park. It <br /> will be the first such organization in the state. She reviewed the advantages <br /> of the tax increment district which will fund the public improvements in the <br /> Riverfront Research Park. She said a $17 million investment in the park is <br /> forecast. <br /> IV. SOUTHERN WILLAMETTE RESEARCH CORRIDOR <br /> Springfield City Manager Steve Burkett, chair of the Southern Willamette <br /> Research Corridor, discussed the founding of the Research Corridor three years <br /> ago in response to community concerns about the economy. The steering commit- <br /> tee includes representatives from Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, Albany, <br /> -_- Junction City, the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, private <br /> businesses, the Metropolitan Partnership, the public/private partnership in <br /> the Albany area, and community colleges. <br /> Mr. Burkett said Research Corridor representatives would like the Board of <br /> Higher Education members to consider the Corridor a resource. He sai d corri- <br /> dor representatives want to be cheerleaders for the state's higher education <br /> because many people, even some residents of the Willamette Valley, do not <br /> realize the value of the institutions of higher education. He said Corridor <br /> representatives have found a great deal of interest in the universities, the <br /> Research Corridor, and the Riverfront Research Park during trips to the Far <br /> East. <br /> Mr. Burkett reiterated the value of cooperation among the municipalities and <br /> the University of Oregon. He said an example of that cooperation is the study <br /> of the Georgia-Pacific property in Springfield completed by University archi- <br /> tectural students two years ago. The aO-acre property was recently donated to <br /> the City of Springfield. <br /> V. COMMENTS <br /> Chancellor Davis said a powerful alliance of representatives of businesses, <br /> institutions of higher education, and local governments is being created. He <br /> said the institutions of higher education have received support from Governor <br /> -" <br /> - <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council and State Board of Higher Education <br /> December 20, 1985 Page 2 <br />