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<br />e <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />M I NUT E S <br /> <br />Eugene City Council <br />Council Chamber--Eugene City Hall <br /> <br />January 22, 1990 <br />7:30 p.m. <br /> <br />COUNCILORS PRESENT: Ruth Bascom, Rob Bennett, Shawn Boles, Debra Ehrman, <br />Freeman Holmer, Bobby Green, Roger Rutan. <br /> <br />COUNCILORS ABSENT: Emily Schue. <br /> <br />The adjourned meeting of January 17, 1990, of the Eugene City Council was <br />called to order by His Honor Mayor Jeff Miller. <br /> <br />I. CONSENT CALENDAR <br /> <br />A. Approval of City Council Minutes of October 20, October 21, <br />November 6, November 8, November 20, November 22, December 4, <br />December 6, 1989, and January 8, 1990 <br /> <br />B. Approval of Legislative Committee Minutes of January 9, 1990 <br /> <br />c. Resolutions Calling for Public Hearings to Consider Proposed <br />Withdrawal of Recently Annexed Properties from Water and Park <br />Districts <br /> <br />Res. Nos. 4163 and 4158--Resolutions calling for a public <br />hearing to consider proposed withdrawal of <br />territory (Marshall, EC EU 89-19 and O'Leary <br />EC EU 89-29) from River Road Water District <br />and River Road Park and Recreation District <br /> <br />Res. No. 4159--Resolution calling for a public hearing to <br />consider proposed withdrawal of territory <br />(Smith, EC EU 89-30) from Santa Clara Water <br />District <br /> <br />Res. Nos. 4157 and 4160--Resolutions calling for a public <br />hearing to consider proposed withdrawal of <br />territory (Oregon Freightway, EC EU 89-26, and <br />Vik, EC EU 89-31) from Glenwood Water District <br />and Wil1amalane Park and Recreation District <br /> <br />D. Appointments: Mayor Miller's Nominations to the Southern <br />Willamette Private Industry Council and the Planning Commission <br />Representative for the Historic Review Board <br /> <br />MINUTES--Eugene City Council <br /> <br />January 22, 1990 <br /> <br />Page 1 <br />