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<br />e <br /> <br />Mr. Rutan said that while there is no question about the importance of arts <br />to our community, the Transient Room Tax is the wrong source of money for <br />this proposal. He emphasized that this proposal has been opposed by the <br />hospitality industry, as well as the Lane County Commissioners, and cautioned <br />that the comparative disadvantage imposed on Eugene as a result of this <br />differential room tax would jeopardize the welfare of the arts-supporting <br />hospitality industry. <br /> <br />Mr. Boles said that he felt this proposal is too modest, and that the <br />$100,000 per year increase does not come close to addressing the issue of <br />making arts, leisure, recreation, and culture an economic linchpin in our <br />community. He felt that the City should take a broader perspective on the <br />issue of culture and recreation services, and suggested that the City look <br />toward a Restaurant Tax. Ms. Ehrman agreed that this proposal does not do <br />justice to the funding needs of the arts community. <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />Mr. Bennett echoed Mr. Rutan's concerns about the necessity of having an <br />expenditure schedule for the funds laid out within this proposal. He <br />commented that the City works very hard to support cultural diversification <br />as evident in the Hult center. The City should approach the issue of using <br />room tax money to fund arts in our community on a regional basis. A room tax <br />makes sense in some instances, but without accountability, places the City in <br />a dangerous position. For these reasons, he cannot support the direction of <br />this proposal. <br /> <br />In the absence of agreement with respect to this proposal, Mr. Miller <br />suggested that the Ad Hoc Arts Funding Committee re-work their proposal and <br />return to council. Ms. Schue said that the committee is willing to make such <br />efforts only if it is provided with specific ideas from the council about how <br />to make this a more acceptable proposal. <br /> <br />Council members agreed to discuss the issue of cultural services funding at <br />the January 31 City Council meeting. <br /> <br />The meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m. <br /> <br />Respectfu~~d. <br /> <br />~y~ <br />~i~~~leaso7--- <br /> <br />City Manager <br /> <br />(Recorded by Traci Northman) <br />mncc 012290-530 <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />MINUTES--Eugene City Council <br />Dinner/Work Session <br /> <br />January 22, 1990 <br /> <br />Page 3 <br />