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<br />e <br /> <br />Mr. Boles pointed out that the concept of a nuclear-free zone is problematic <br />because it wrests economic livelihood at the cost of social and economic <br />responsibility. <br /> <br />Regarding the recent controversy concerning Rohr Industries and the <br />nuclear-free zone, Mr. Boles said that apparently Rohr Industries was not <br />informed of the City's nuclear-free ordinance by the Metro Partnership. <br /> <br />Ms. Bascom noted that it was rumored in the community that Rohr was a <br />political ploy to spur the community into action regarding the nuclear-free <br />zone. Mr. Boles indicated that it would be useful to know more about the <br />discussions which took place between Rohr Industries and the Metro <br />Partnership, and suggested that the council request a response from the Metro <br />Partnership regarding this issue. He added that since the Metro Partnership <br />is funded with public money, it would be appropriate to consider whether its <br />efforts to recruit industry in the county have been congruent with the City's <br />position on the nuclear-free zone issue. <br /> <br />B. Visitors and Convention Bureau <br /> <br />Ms. Ehrman informed the council that the Executive Committee met recently to <br />discuss the Visitor and Convention Bureau's need for more space. It was the <br />committee's decision that for the time being the bureau will remain in its <br />current location and expand into the recently vacated copy shop next door. <br />For the long-term, the committee is considering moving the bureau into the <br />Fairground Convention Center. <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />C. Lane Regional Air Pollution Authority (LRAPA) <br /> <br />Ms. Ehrman said that LRAPA is spending a great deal of time discussing field <br />burning issues, and indicated that she will keep the council updated on this <br />in the future. <br /> <br />D. Joint Social Service <br /> <br />Ms. Ehrman announced that the County Commissioners have voted to change the <br />composition of the Joint Social Service Fund from a 3:2:1 voting structure to <br />a 2:2:2, "equal partners II structure. She noted that Eugene was allowed three <br />votes previously because its contribution to the fund was greater, and stated <br />that as a third voting member, she will remove herself from the committee if <br />the decision is upheld. Ms. Bascom expressed a concern that because the City <br />contributes a greater share of money from its General Fund, it should have <br />greater input. Mr. Gleason pointed out that the County contributes a great <br />deal of money from places other than the Joint Social Service Fund which <br />could be used to justify a 2:2:2 allocation. He said that it would be <br />advantageous for the council to have a better understanding of the roles and <br />contributions of each of the jurisdictions involved. <br /> <br />The council expressed a preference for the 3:2:2 fund composition, and agreed <br />that the MPC conflict resolution process should be used if necessary. <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />E. Eugene Arts Foundation (EAF) <br /> <br />MINUTES--Eugene City Council February 26, 1990 <br />Quarterly Process Session <br /> <br />Page 2 <br />