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<br />e <br /> <br />of annexation and sewers indicative of the failure of City policy. He <br />opposed the letting of bids until funding for all phases of the project has <br />been determined. <br /> <br />Curt Mitchell, P.O Box 38, Lorane, Oregon, considered the main issue to be <br />one of loss of equity in homes. He requested clear evidence of the existence <br />of groundwater pollution, the opportunity to vote on any bond issue should <br />sewers be needed, and the opportunity to vote on annexation. <br /> <br />Charles Wilson, 1781 Hemlock, asked about the inclusion of storm sewers in <br />the project and questioned the method of assessment. <br /> <br />Marie Gray, 353 Knoop Lane, distributed copies of an article from The <br />Oregonian and inquired about the project's costs. Specifically, Ms. Gray <br />wondered about charges to schools, churches, and the park district. She <br />urged staff to combine the project's three basins in a single bid to reduce <br />the total cost. <br /> <br />Betty Donaldson, 398 Hawthorne, said that she is a party in lawsuits <br />involving the Lane County Boundary Commission. <br /> <br />Ray Trent, 831 Nadine, spoke on behalf of the River Road/Santa Clara <br />Homeowners and Renters Association. He presented petitions with <br />approximately 200 signatures protesting the high cost of sewers. Mr. Trent <br />maintained that the financial burden imposed by the project will result in <br />the loss of homes and income and said that it represents an infringement on <br />e the rights of area residents. <br /> <br />Claude Johnson, 2083 Delta Street, wondered about the social impact and <br />psychological problems that could develop as a result of the financial <br />problems he expected the project to cause. Mr. Johnson suggested that a <br />human waste management bill be brought to Congress. <br /> <br />Ralph Bramlett, 731 Ivy Avenue, asked that area residents be allowed to vote <br />on the issue. <br /> <br />Catherine Westra, 1915 Labona Drive, identified herself as a new resident in <br />the area. She said that she believed part of the assessment would be used to <br />pay for earlier studies, which she considered unfair and unreasonable. <br /> <br />Bob Evans, 2095 labona Drive, yielded to the next speaker. <br /> <br />Terry Harper, 1737 Parnell Drive, declined the opportunity to speak. <br /> <br />Craig Bi@rsdorff, 126 Mayfair, Qug~t;on~d th~ ~~;~t~nce of a ~roundwater <br />p~oblem_ <br /> <br />Larry Bradley, 651 Bushnell lane, considered existing groundwater study <br />rQsults inconclusive and suggested that a new study be conducted to determine <br />whether a problem exists. He said citizens are angry because public <br />officials appear not to be listQning to them. Claiming that low-income and <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />MINUTES--Eugene City Council April 11, 1990 <br />Lane County Board of Commissioners <br />Springfield City Council <br /> <br />Page 3 <br />