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<br />- M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> Black Angus Restaurant <br /> October 26, 1990 <br /> 4 p.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Emily Schue, Robert Bennett, Ruth Bascom, Shawn Boles, <br /> Debra Ehrman, Bobby Green (after 4:25 p.m.), Freeman <br /> Holmer, Roger Rutan. <br /> FACILITATOR: Sharon Thorne. <br /> The special Eugene City Council meeting of October 26, 1990, was called to <br /> order by His Honor Mayor Jeff Miller. <br /> Sharon Thorne reviewed the agenda for the two days of goal-setting and <br /> summarized the purpose as being to outline the major priorities that will <br /> guide the council's work for the next year. <br /> I. REVIEW OF PAST YEAR <br />e A. Public Safety <br /> Ms. Ehrman reported that she had received positive feedback from the <br /> community on the new public safety concepts. She was particularly pleased <br /> with progress made in the West University and Whiteaker neighborhoods and <br /> applauded the successful elimination of "the Gut." Ms. Bascom and Mr. <br /> Bennett shared her opinion that the City had been successful in the public <br /> safety area. Mr. Green attested to the success of traffic patrols. ( <br /> B. Economic Development <br /> Ms. Ehrman had difficulty quantifying results in this area. Mayor Miller saw <br /> a need to prepare for whatever happens in the national economic arena. Mr. <br /> Bennett shared Mayor Miller's concern that a recession could be coming. Ms. <br /> Schue was uneasy about whether the City is making the right decisions in the <br /> area of economic development. On the other hand, Mr. Rutan viewed Eugene's <br /> economy as increasingly strong according to the indicators and was optimistic <br /> about the future. <br /> Mr. Bennett identified issues relating to the urban growth boundary as an <br /> important area for council attention. He encouraged the council to consider <br /> its definition of the urban growth boundary carefully and to determine how to <br /> make development and zoning work within that definition. <br />e MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 26, 1990 Page 1 <br /> Goal-Setting Session <br /> ..- <br />