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<br /> - ---- <br /> e M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene eity eouncil <br /> Studios Band C--eommunity Conference Center <br /> October 27, 1990 <br /> 8:00 a.m. <br /> eOUNeILORS PRESENT: Emily Schue, Robert Bennett, Ruth Bascom, Shawn Boles, <br /> Freeman Holmer, Debra Ehrman, Roger Rutan, Bobby Green. <br /> FAeILITATOR: Sharon Thorne <br /> The special Eugene eity eouncil meeting of October 27, 1990, was called to <br /> order by His Honor Mayor Jeff Miller. <br /> Ms. Thorne said that if the council spent approximately 45 minutes on each <br /> item, it would be able to meet its targeted noon adjournment time. <br /> 1. GOAL-SETTING SESSION <br /> A. Financial Stability <br /> e eity Manager Mike Gleason presented an outline budget for FY92. He noted <br /> that the loss in Federal shared revenues in FY81-82 has been the primary <br /> cause of the eity's financial problems. As a result, the budget is <br /> approximately $2 million out of balance. He pointed out that while the half <br /> of the eity that relies on users' fees to pay for services is running well <br /> financially, the half which relies on General Fund support is doing poorly. <br /> Mr. Gleason said that budgetary problems must be corrected by FY93. Whil e it <br /> would be possible to present a budget that was similar to last year's, doing <br /> so would only aggravate existing financial problems. He also noted that it <br /> will take approximately one full budget cycle to begin making budgetary <br /> changes. This is the time that would be required to educate citizens about <br /> the existing financial problems. <br /> Mr. Gleason recommended that the City reduce its General Fund Capital Budget <br /> to $0. Doing so would reduce the debt by $1.3 million. A critical component <br /> of this strategy is the implementation of a comprehensive communication plan <br /> to determine what citizens want local government to look like. Failing to <br /> offer citizens the opportunity to have input would likely generate hostility <br /> in the community, making it impossible to communicate with the public in the <br /> future. <br /> Mr. Gleason emphasized that City inefficiency is not responsible for the <br /> City's financial problems. He pointed out that one-half of the General Fund <br /> e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 27, 1990 Page 1 <br /> Goal-Setting Session <br />