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<br /> e In response to a question from City Manager Mike Gleason, Mr. Rutan said he <br /> had attended a press meeting at the Eugene Airport the previous day on the <br /> Airport Master Plan at which Senator Bob Packwood had also been present, <br /> along with local Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) representatives. He <br /> said he had discussed the City's request for a $7.3 million grant from the <br /> FAA and that Senator Packwood seemed knowledgeable and supportive of the <br /> request. <br /> Mr. Rutan said that if the City received this funding, most would be used for <br /> an extended runway. <br /> II. UPDATED AIRPORT MASTER PLAN <br /> Mike Boggs, Airport Manager, said the final Airport Master Plan had been <br /> updated and was similar in concept to the former 20-year plan. He said the <br /> County Commissioners had unanimously approved the plan. He said the plan <br /> included the acquisition of 980 acres adjacent to present airport property <br /> for future expansion and environmental buffers. <br /> Mr. Boggs said the master plan had taken 18 months to produce and had <br /> involved 20 public meetings. <br /> In response to a question from Ms. Bascom, Mr. Boggs said more research was <br /> needed before traffic pattern changes on Airport and Clear Lake roads could <br /> be predicted. He said the master plan recommended that this research be <br /> e conducted in an independent study or through TransPlan. <br /> Ms. Bascom asked when flights from Eugene to Chicago would be scheduled. Mr. <br /> Boggs said this depended on the market and was a decision which would have to <br /> be made by United Airlines. He said the extended runway would make such <br /> flights possible. <br /> In response to a question from Mr. Holmer, Mr. Boggs said most of the 980 <br /> acres recommended for acquisition in the plan were zoned agricultural. He <br /> said some of this land that was designated as Airport Reserve on the Metro <br /> Plan Diagram might be used for airport-related needs. <br /> Gary Chenkin, Planning and Development Department, said use of the land would <br /> depend on its designation in the Airport Master Plan. He said most of the <br /> land would be used as a buffer between airport property and adjacent lands. <br /> He said some portions of the acquired 980 acres closest to the airport might <br /> be occupied by airport-related commercial and industrial uses. <br /> Mr. Boles asked if the 980 acres should include any industrial use if it were <br /> being purchased to be used as environmental buffering. He asked if any <br /> agricultural land would be developed by the Airport. Mr. Boggs said a <br /> portion of the new parallel runway would be built on agricultural land. <br /> Mr. Boles asked why the Airport needed to purchase agricultural land if its <br /> use would not change. Mr. Boggs said the FAA recommends airports own <br /> e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 31, 1990 Page 2 <br />