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<br /> e M I NUT E S <br /> City Council/Strategic Plan Committee <br /> McNutt Room--City Hall <br /> November 1, 1990 <br /> 5:30 p.m. <br /> PRESENT: Jeff Miller, Chair; Kappy Eaton, Roger Rutan, Don McLoud, Joan <br /> Rich, members; Shawn Boles, Bobby Green, Richard Perry, Debra <br /> McMillen, Bobbie Green, Cheryle Hawkins, Budget Committee. <br /> 1. WORK SESSION: STRATEGIC PLAN <br /> Mr. Wong said the meeting was intended as follow-up to the October 1, 1990, <br /> work session on financial planning, as well as the council's goals-setting <br /> session held the previous week. He said the purpose of the meeting was to <br /> present information on the definition and function of strategic planning. <br /> Mr. Wong anticipated that the meeting would result in a recommendation from <br /> the Strategic Plan Committee (SPC) to the full Budget Committee. <br /> Mr. Wong said strategic planning does not occur overnight; in other words, <br /> the process will not affect the FY92 budget. Staff is now preparing that <br /> e budget. Mr. Wong anticipated that the strategic planning process would af- <br /> fect the FY93 budget. He said that strategic planning takes time and consid- <br /> erable interaction with the involved stakeholders. Additionally, it will <br /> require City resources to complete the strategic planning process. <br /> Mr. Wong introduced Dr. Jeff Luke of the University of Oregon. He noted that <br /> Dr. Luke is very experienced in strategic planning and has acted as a consul- <br /> tant to various cities and other government agencies in completing strategic <br /> plans. <br /> Dr. Luke distributed handouts regarding strategic planning to those present. <br /> He introduced himself as an associate professor in planning, public policy, <br /> and management at the University, and noted that he was currently involved in <br /> strategic planning at the University, the State Bureau of Labor and Indus- <br /> tries, and the City of Portland. Dr. Luke said he had recently completed <br /> facilitating the strategic planning process for Jackson County's Department <br /> of Health and Human Services. Additionally, Dr. Luke noted that his staff is <br /> involved in the City of Springfield's strategic planning process. <br /> Dr. Luke reviewed the handout, encouraging those present to interrupt with <br /> questions when necessary. <br /> Dr. Luke said strategic planning in the public sector is different than stra- <br /> tegic planning in the private sector. Strategic planning has its origin in <br /> the public sector and had been adapted by the private sector. Dr. Luke said <br /> e MINUTES--Strategic Plan Committee November 1, 1990 Page 1 <br />