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<br /> e C. Council Appointments <br /> Ms. Schue moved, seconded by Mr. Green, to appoint Larry <br /> Hedberg and Johnathan Stafford to the Downtown Commission; and <br /> Jerry Blakely to the Eugene/Springfield Metropolitan Partner- <br /> ship. Roll call vote; the motion carried unanimously, 7:0. <br /> D. Council's Position on the Tree Ordinance <br /> Ms. Ehrman noted that she would be attending a meeting of the Board of County <br /> Commissioners regarding the Tree Ordinance and asked for discussion about the <br /> council's final position on the issues. <br /> After discussion, the council agreed unanimously that the City's Hearing's <br /> Official should be the appeal body for the ordinance. <br /> E- State of the City Address <br /> Mayor Miller asked the council for input on what format should be used for <br /> this year's State of the City Address. Some councilors favored a noon-time <br /> session because it provided the greatest opportunity for community participa- <br /> tion while others favored an evening session because it allowed more time for <br /> the swearing-in ceremony. After discussion, the council agreed on an evening <br /> forum to be held at the Hult Center. <br /> F. Budget Committee Lay Member Appointment Process <br /> e Mayor Miller said that the Council Committee on Committees discussed the <br /> appointment process for lay members of the Budget Committee and agreed that <br /> the process should be changed. The committee recommended an at-large member <br /> appointment process and that the interview and appointment process should be <br /> similar to the Planning Commission model. The committee also agreed on the <br /> need for a job description stipulating the Budget Committee's role in the <br /> budget process. <br /> Ms. Ehrman said that providing that there are enough candidates, she favors <br /> the current process of appointing candidates by wards, rather than the sug- <br /> gested at-large appointment process. <br /> The council called for preliminary staff work on this issue prior to a coun- <br /> cil work session. <br /> Mayor Miller announced that the Agenda Item V (Council Vacancy Appointments) <br /> would be moved up to item II so that Ms. Schue could be present for discus- <br /> sion. <br /> II. COUNCIL VACANCY APPOINTMENTS <br /> Mr. Holmer announced that he would be resigning as council representative <br /> from Ward 5. <br /> e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council November 7, 1990 Page 3 <br />