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<br /> ---- ----- - --- <br /> e M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> McNutt Room--City Hall <br /> November 28, 1990 <br /> 11:30 a.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Emily Schue, Ruth Bascom, Bobby Green, Roger Rutan, <br /> Shawn Boles, Paul Nicholson, Kaye Robinette. <br /> COUNCILORS ABSENT: Debra Ehrman. <br /> The adjourned meeting of November 19, 1990, of the Eugene City Council was <br /> called to order by His Honor Mayor Jeff Miller. <br /> 1. ITEMS FROM THE MAYOR, CITY COUNCIL, AND CITY MANAGER <br /> A. Interfaith/Access Center <br /> Mr. Boles requested an update on the status of the Interfaith/Access Center <br /> for low-income citizens in Eugene. He noted that there has been some recent <br /> e discussion about Lane Transit District (LTD) providing transportation assis- <br /> tance for those persons, and said that he hopes the assistance will be in the <br /> form of free bus passes. <br /> B. Kaiser Permanente <br /> Mr. Boles requested an update on the Kaiser Permanente proposal recently <br /> received in a letter to the council. <br /> C. Irkutsk Printmakers Show <br /> Ms. Bascom announced that that the Irkutsk Printmakers Show will open next <br /> week in the Jacobs Gallery and invited councilors to attend. The money <br /> raised from the show will assist in bringing an Irkutsk artist to Eugene. <br /> D. New Bicycle Committee Chair <br /> Ms. Bascom said that she recently met with the new Bicycle Committee Chair <br /> who is eager to begin work planning efforts. She suggested that the council <br /> schedule some time on its agenda early next year for an update and discussion <br /> on the direction of the Bicycle Committee work plan. The council agreed to <br /> this suggestion. <br /> Mr. Boles suggested that the proposed discussion be integrated with an update <br /> of the entire transportation modes work plan. <br /> e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council November 28, 1990 Page 1 <br />