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<br /> . D. Councilor Nicholson <br /> Mr. Nicholson said he will focus on solid waste and transportation issues. <br /> He said he is working on an alternative proposal for economic development. <br /> He supported forming groups such as the Council Committee on Infrastructure <br /> to provide direction early in the process of policy-making. <br /> E. Councilor Rutan <br /> Mr. Rutan said his major focus in the coming year will be on the Eugene Deci- <br /> sions process and on his efforts to communicate to the community the impor- <br /> tance of the process, the proposal which comes out of it, and the credibility <br /> of the City. He said he will also focus on coalition building and other <br /> council work plan items. <br /> F. Councilor MacDonald <br /> Mr. MacDonald discussed the following three issues he would like to focus on <br /> in the coming year: 1) development of a preliminary emergency management <br /> plan, strategy, and funding proposal for developing a sound emergen- <br /> cy/disaster plan, including coordination with Lane County, the State, and <br /> others involved in disaster response; 2) enhancement of the Amazon drainage <br /> canal to create a natural resource area for wildlife and recreational uses; <br /> and 3) development or use of Alton Baker Park. He noted that he is working <br /> on a proposal for controlling air pollution, specifically to reduce <br /> e chloroflourocarbons. <br /> Regarding Mr. MacDonald's first interest, councilors supported the suggestion <br /> of making this a component in their Federal lobbying trip, with hopes of <br /> obtaining Federal funding. Councilors also supported a suggestion of incor- <br /> porating this in the DPS Long-Range Plan. <br /> G. Councilor Green <br /> Mr. Green said his energy in the coming year will be focused on the Eugene <br /> Decisions process. He expressed concern about the possibility of the final <br /> proposal being determined by a nonunanimous vote. He said he will also work <br /> to enhance the Highway 99 corridor and to create more of a cultural and gov- <br /> ernmental downtown district, as opposed to a commercial/retail area. He <br /> proposed the development of a multicultural center downtown and said this <br /> would provide a unique attraction for tourism. <br /> H. Councilor Boles <br /> Mr. Boles said he does not have one primary focus and will direct his energy <br /> in several directions: 1) Central Area Transportation Study (CATS), ensuring <br /> that it is integrated with alternate mode goals and with the Lane Transit <br /> District's station siting; 2) Metropolitan Area General Plan update; 3) <br /> shifting economic diversification efforts to focus on arts and tourism as the <br /> economic drivers of the community; 4) in conjunction with Eugene Decisions, <br /> e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 25, 1991 Page 2 <br />