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<br /> ------- <br />- d. Development Services <br /> Mr. Mounts said the changes in Development Services include fee increases in <br /> Building Permits/Plan Checking, elimination of the Business Assistance Team, <br /> business license fee increase, reduction of business monitoring, reduction of <br /> $200,000 in Code Compliance, reduction in support to other agencies in <br /> Community Planning and elimination of the Annexation Program, elimination of <br /> General Fund (GF) support for downtown development activities, and a 50 <br /> percent increase for land use permits. <br /> e. Cultural Services <br /> Mr. Mounts said that the changes in Cultural Services included a membership <br /> program for the Hult Center, operational efficiencies, a reduced and privat- <br /> ized Sister Cities Program, and increased revenue for Eugene Celebration/ <br /> Special Events program. <br /> Responding to a question from Mr. MacDonald, Mr. Robinette said that there is <br /> uncertainty about the County Board of Commissioners going forward with an <br /> increase in the room tax--something that may force the City to pursue an <br /> increase on its own. Responding to questions, Mr. Mounts said that the <br /> strategy does not assume a revenue from that source. <br /> Mr. MacDonald expressed concern with continued funding of the Eugene-Spring- <br /> field Convention and Visitors Bureau and asked staff to flag the topic for <br /> discussion at the appropriate time. <br />e 2. Enhancements <br /> Mr. Mounts said that the strategy enhanced core services to include affordable <br /> housing and community policing. <br /> Ms. Ehrman questioned including $.5 million in core services for community <br /> policing without funding the rest of DPS's Long-Range Plan. Mr. Rutan <br /> questioned the practice of funding community policing or any other program <br /> from anticipated savings. <br /> Ms. Ehrman moved, seconded by Mr. Rutan, to delete $500,000 for <br /> community policing from the core service package and consider the <br /> amount on the revenue side. <br /> Mr. Nicholson said that if the council feels that savings cannot be realized <br /> on the capital side by increasing capital maintenance by $1.8 million, then it <br /> ought not to follow his plan of funding community policing from savings. <br /> Mr. Gleason explained that, presuming the City creates a new budgetary system, <br /> the expectation is that changes will be accounted for in the baseline and any <br /> accrued savings will show as beginning cash balances. The issue of whether to <br /> target it now or later can be dealt with at another time, separate from the <br /> question raised by the motion. <br />e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council September 28, 1992 Page 2 <br /> 5:30 p.m. <br />-- <br />