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<br /> Ms. Heath said the Willakenzie group recommended amendment-of the proposal to <br /> allow a portion of the funds allocated to south hills acquisition up to $500,000 <br /> for acquisition of a large parcel in the Willakenzie area. ' <br /> Ms. Munkres reported that the ABC group suppo.rted the proposed change in develop- -- <br /> ment from Bethel to Peterson Park. She said that group preferred one good well- <br /> developed park in the area rather than two partially developed parks. <br /> Larry Offen, 1070 Snell Street, thought removing additional land from private <br /> ownership in the south hills would increase land costs and make living in that <br /> area even more difficult. Also, he said, there should be adequate police and <br /> fire patrol if preservation was desired, and construction of a trail system <br /> would make such protection difficult. He cited average costs of $6000 to $7000 <br /> per acre according to timber, development, and real estate interests in the area. <br /> Mr. Offen thought that if the land was purchased over a period of five to ten <br /> years and funded through a serial levy, land costs experienced because of inflation <br /> would amount to much more than the 7 to 8% increase due to accrued interest costs <br /> under a bond issue. Whereas, if the land was developed, he said, assuming it <br /> would be annexed to the city, there would be the potential for adding $6.5 million <br /> dollars annually to the city's tax base. He said he was not particularly opposed <br /> to the proposal but he thought much additional research was needed before any <br /> action was taken. He was in favor of site acquisition proposed in other parts of <br /> the city but thought the south hills acquisition should be separated to give the <br /> people an opportunity to vote on that proposal separate from the park development <br /> issue. The voters should not be forced to buy a thousand acres of land in the <br /> south hills, he ,said, to get tennis courts in already developed park areas. <br /> Mrs. Robert Lemmon, 1280 Mill Street, noted there were no parks in the West <br /> University neighborhood and asked for acquisition of a site there as soon as <br /> possible, saying that a meeting place for the neighborhood in connection with a e <br /> park would be desirable. Mrs. Lemmon also pointed out the advantages of <br /> greenery if land was going to be developed as parking lots. She said the West <br /> University Neighbors had take no vote on the bond and serial levy issue but she <br /> reiterated the urgent need for park development in that neighborhood. <br />\ Ms. Posner read a prepared statement and pointed out that the south hills ridge I-A-4 <br /> line acquisition was seen as a vital step in the urban service boundary concept. <br /> Also, that the compact urban growth concept would keep costs of city services <br /> down. Protection from urban development of farm land was also necessary, she <br /> said, and it could be accomplished by preventing development beyond the ridge line. <br /> She urged the Council to give the public a chance to vote on the proposal. <br /> Mr. Eber thought timing was important because of the tremendous development <br /> pressure; delay would jeopardize the entire thrust of the south hills study - <br /> preservation of that area. He entered into the record the original correspondence <br /> from the coalition of ten organizations submitted to the Joint Parks Committee <br /> strongly supporting the outcome of the study. <br /> Mr. Emge read a prepared statement on behalf of the Friendly Area Neighbors sup- <br /> porting south hills acquisition, but also noting extreme pressure for development <br /> of park sites in the Friendly area. Acquisition of "block parks" was needed now, <br /> he said, and voters asked to support a $7 million park issue should be able to <br /> see some specific benefit to individual neighborhoods. Also recommended was in- <br /> stallation of a restroom at Westmoreland and improvements in Washington Park. <br /> He asked addition of $100,000 for acquisition in areas other than the south hills e <br /> and presented a detailed statement of that recommendation. In addition, con- <br /> sideration of tennis courts on the west side reservoir was requested. Mr. Emge <br /> recognized the need for a facility for the handicapped but thought Washington Park <br />10/13/75 - 2 0-530,: <br />