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<br /> . <br /> F. Tri-Agency--Manager said a ribbon-cutting ceremony was scheduled <br /> for the new dog pound, involving Eugene and Springfield city councils - <br /> and lane County Commissioners. It wi 11 be Wednesday, ,January 10 at <br /> 4:30 p.m. Immediately followinC], there will be a social dinner at <br /> Quigleys. <br /> Mr. lieuallen arrived. <br /> G. Scobert Information Report--Distributed. Manager noted for Council, <br /> if a claim were filed with the insurance company, most probably the <br /> claim would be paid. Mr. Williams cautioned staff might check with <br /> the insurance carrier to make sure the premium isn't doubled as a <br /> result. <br /> Mr. Obie questioned whether the Scoberts had appealed and that appeal <br /> had been denied. Ms. Smith said the appeal was not denied, and had <br /> never been considered because no Councilor voting on the prevailing <br /> side had requested reconsideration. <br /> II. Routine Items for Council Approval <br /> A. Council minutes of December 6, 1978. <br /> Mr. Hamel moved, seconded by Mr. Bradley, to approve Council <br /> minutes of December 6, 1978. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> I I I. Budget Review Subcommittee Report Re: Processes--Memo distributed. <br /> Manager reviewed the memorandum which outlined the Budget Review Sub- e <br /> committee's tentative proposals for the 1979-80 budget process. The Budqet <br /> Committee would have a meeting the middle of January to provide an oppor- <br /> tunity for the entire Committee to review the proposed processes and hear <br /> a presentation on a limitation process or formula. Staff would recommend <br /> several alternatives. The January 31 meeting would be the deadline for <br /> distribution of the new budget service summaries and a briefing session <br /> for 'the new Budget Committee members. <br /> In February the Committee would go over these service summaries and cost <br /> documents as a background briefing for the total budget. He sai d there <br /> would be a very heavy meeting schedule during April and May, with the <br /> Manager's office making the budget presentation. Adjustments to be made <br /> ,I to the budget would have to Le done prior to May 21, the deadline for <br /> the late June election. <br /> Ms. Smith reiterated this approach would be a bit more time consuming <br /> than last year, but the Subcommitte felt the use of service descriptions <br /> in the process would be very helpful. She also noted that the use of <br /> summary sheets woul d be reinstituted thi s year. <br /> Mr. Lieuallen questioned Item D, increasing the Budget Committee's role <br /> in po 1 icy. He said he was most concerned that there be discussion as to <br /> what the role is rather than considerations expanding that role. Mayor <br /> 12113/78 - 2 e <br /> ,'3 <br /> . <br />