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<br /> . <br /> II. COMMENTS BY AND DISCUSSION ON LOCAL GOVERNMENT WITH DR. ERWIN NIERMANN; <br /> STADTDIREKTOR, MINDEN, GERMANY -- tit <br /> Dr. Niermann is spending a week in Eugene as part of a West German <br /> Government-financed City Manager exchange program in which he and City <br /> Manager Charles Henry are participating. Mr. Henry will be going to <br /> Germany in March. Dr. Niermann, in comparing the cities of Eugene and <br /> Minden, said they have much in common. He spoke of his city's good <br /> economic situation; the low unemployment rate; the structure of the <br /> Council, which is composed of 51 members and organized in a political <br /> manner; and some of the problems of the city including traffic, housing, <br /> and redevelopment. He said that he was particularly impressed with the <br /> level of citizen participation in Eugene. He spoke also of the mass <br /> transit situation in Minden, noting that 38,000 people per day use the bus <br /> system. He emphasized the need for cities of this size to preserve <br /> their history and maintain them as pedestrian cities. He has noticed that <br /> many cities do not have any character of their own and he favors historic <br /> preservation, pedestrian malls, a strong economic background, and a very <br /> human and warm atmosphere. When asked of his impressions of the fountain <br /> on Eugene's downtown mall, he commented 'IWe have the same problems with <br /> art. " <br /> III. ROUTINE ITEMS FOR COUNCIL APPROVAL <br /> A. Approval of Council Minutes of October 17, 1979 <br /> Mr. Delay moved, seconded by Ms. Smith, to approve the Council e <br /> minutes of October 17, 1979. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> B. Vacation Easement for EWEB Transmission and Facilities (map distributed) <br /> Res. No. 3266--Authorizing easement vacation for EWEB transmission and <br /> facilities only, for property located between Garfield <br /> and City View streets and 1Rth Avenue West and 29th Avenue <br /> West was read by number and title. <br /> Mr. Delay moved, seconded by Ms. Smith, to adopt the resolution. <br /> Roll call vote. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> C. Segregation of Assessments <br /> l. Located between Pearl Street and Willamette Street, north of 46th <br /> Avenue; applicant: Dr. D.J. Paculdo (SE 79-5) <br /> Mr. Delay moved, seconded by Ms. Smith, to approve the segregation <br /> of assessments as noted. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> D. Resolutions <br /> Res. No. 3267--A resolution authorizing the transfer of non-contingency <br /> appropriations within a given fund between programs and/ e <br /> or object groups was read by number and title. <br /> 10/31/79--2 <br /> bO( <br />