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<br /> the density which is a maximum of six units per acre. The Traffic Engineer could <br /> report on the traffic situation. Ms. Smith stated that she would like to hear <br />- from Mr. Hanks since traffic is a major consideration. <br /> Jim Hanks, Traffic Engineer, stated that the situation cannot be sUbstantially <br /> ch anged . Capitol Drive is narrow at 18 to 20 feet wide and there are places <br /> with blind corners as well as steep driveways. There are 480 cars per day at <br /> the intersection with Spring Boulevard. Only three accidents have been reported <br /> to the Police Department since 1976. <br /> Ms. Smith asked about parking. Mr. Hanks stated that in the past five years, <br /> staff has attempted to remove part or all of the parking, but that creates <br /> extreme hardships for some residents. Ms. Smith asked if off-street parking <br /> should have been required at the time the properties were developed. Mr. Hanks <br /> stated that some of the properties were developed prior to the passage of the <br /> ordinance and in some cases, there is no way to provide off-street parking. <br /> Ms. Smith encouraged Public Works to limit street parking to whatever extent <br /> possible to help the traffic problem. <br /> Mr. Lindberg asked if the recommendation from the South Hills Study is for five <br /> units per acre, which would generate 50 additional trips per day. Mr. Hank s <br /> responded that that is correct. Mr. Lindberg stated that the remaining build- <br /> able lots could produce 19 units, which is four times as many as currently <br /> exist. He asked if that would be 680 trips per day at full capacity. Mr. Hanks <br /> responded that it would be 680 to 720. Mr. Lindberg asked if this includes land <br /> identified as that to be potentially annexed. He did not feel that that seems <br /> like a lot. Mr. Hanks responded that that is correct the figure includes all <br /> land that could be annexed. <br />e Ms. Schue asked how the City got into a situation where there are houses <br /> where there is no off-street parking and the streets are unsafe to park on. <br /> Mr. Hanks stated that individual plans are not reviewed; the PUD requirements <br /> regarding off-street parking are reviewed, and some of the individual housing <br /> predates the 1948 requirement for off-street parking. Don Allen, Public Works, <br /> stated that in some cases, parking is there but it is not usable because of the <br /> grade. This plat has existed a long time. To deny development would have been <br /> inverse condemnation of the property. <br /> Ms. Miller stated that traffic seems to be the big question. It must be deter- <br /> mined whether Capitol Drive is an adequate public facility. The only two choices <br /> are to determine that the street is adequate for a minimum level of transporta- <br /> tion services or to have an island of vacant land surrounded by City property. <br /> She will support the resolution. <br /> Mr. Haws asked if there was time for rebuttal. Les Swanson, City Attorney, <br /> stated that this would be up to the discretion of the chair. A procedural <br /> discussion followed. <br /> Ms. Smith stated that she shares some of Ms. Miller's concerns, but she supports <br /> the resolution based upon City policy. <br /> Ms. Smith left the meeting. <br />e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council December 14, 1981 Page 3 <br />