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<br />RESOLUTION NO. 4893 <br /> <br />A RESOLUTION PUBLICLY COMMITTING THE CITY <br />OF EUGENE TO SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES AND TO <br />BUSINESSES THAT PRODUCE SUSTAINABLE <br />PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. <br /> <br />The City Council of the City of Eugene finds that: <br /> <br />A. On February 28, 2000 the City Council adopted Resolution No. 4618 adopting a <br />definition and statement of intent regarding the application of sustainability principles to the City <br />of Eugene, and affirmed the commitment of City elected officials and staff to uphold these <br />principles. <br /> <br />B. In furtherance of that commitment, a Sustainable Buildings Policy for Buildings <br />Owned and Occupied by the City was adopted by Council Resolution No. 4884 on July 10, 2006, <br />and paragraph 5 of the Policy was subsequently amended by Council Resolution No. 4887 on <br />August 14, 2006. <br /> <br />C. In early 2005 the Mayor's Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI) was formed, and <br />with the adoption of the FY06 budget the City Council approved the expenditure of funds to <br />support the work of this initiative. In addition to the monthly meetings held by the SBI Task <br />Force between June 2005 and July 2006, an advisory committee of almost 50 persons was <br />created to provide feedback and comments on the recommendations of the task force. <br /> <br />D. Based on the information gathered from the work of the task force, town hall <br />meetings, roundtable meetings, and a community survey, the SBI Task Force developed a set of <br />recommendations for retaining, growing, and creating sustainable businesses and jobs in the City <br />of Eugene. <br /> <br />E. Section B of the SBI Task Force's Report and Recommendations to the Eugene <br />City Council and Community of Eugene contains 11 Recommendations to the City of Eugene <br />Government for Achieving the Vision. <br /> <br />F. The City Council finds it would be in the public interest and consistent with <br />adopted City policy to adopt Recommendation 1 at this time and schedule further discussions of <br />the other 10 recommendations contained in Section B of the SBI Task Force Report. <br /> <br />Resolution - 1 <br />