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<br />2. PUBLIC FORUM <br /> <br />Mayor Piercy reviewed the rules of the Public Forum. <br /> <br />Zachary Vishanoff <br />, Patterson Street, applauded the work of Holt International and noted his sister had <br />adopted through the agency. <br /> <br />Speaking to the earlier work session discussion concerning transportation priorities in North and West <br />Eugene, Mr. Vishanoff suggested that the University of Oregon should not have a say in the EmX system <br />because the owners of parcels that could benefit financially could make secret donations to the University to <br />th <br />influence its decision. He thought placing EmX on 13 Avenue would be a “huge can of worms,” and <br />th <br />would be more acceptable on 11 Avenue. He pointed out that the University attempted to acquire the <br />th <br />fairgrounds for a basketball arena, and that was located on 13 Avenue. Mr. Vishanoff suggested that those <br />riding on the system be asked where the next route should be. He did not think the University should be <br />encouraged to act like a developer, and did not think the community’s future should be turned over to <br />University students unless more departments such as the Sociology Department were involved as the rich <br />departments get to “intermingle with you” while other departments were marginalized. <br /> <br />Mr. Vishanoff provided a packet of materials to the council that he asked it to review. <br /> <br />John Brown <br />, 101 East Broadway, thanked the council for making decisions that allowed him to remain in <br />the community, as Eugene was a great place to live and raise and family. He also thanked the council for its <br />dedication and the dedication of City staff to the task of taking care of the Willamette River. Over the past <br />three years, the City had been very prompt in responding to issues. Mr. Brown asked the council to <br />encourage other jurisdictions to be just as responsive, being good stewards of the river as well. He said that <br />the community had no one to turn to for assistance with water quality, although there was supposed to be <br />such an agency. <br /> <br />Charles Biggs <br />, 540 Antelope Way, applauded the Eugene Police Department for trying to find ways to save <br />the taxpayer money by changing to a different paint job on patrol cars that would save money when resold. <br />He hoped that it was true that the solid colored vehicles were easier to see. Mr. Biggs asked the council <br />what it would suggest to the voters if the council chose to subsidize development by selling property for less <br />than it was worth. <br /> <br />Majeska Seese Green <br />, PO Box 1214, Eugene, chair of the Whiteaker Community Council (WCC), said the <br />WCC was excited about the hiring of new police auditor Christine Beamud as she felt it a big step forward <br />for the community, made possible by passage of the charter amendment. She noted the reception that was <br />planned for Ms. Beamud on October 17 at the Hult Center and said the WCC would help get the word out <br />about the event. Those who attended would be asked to bring nonperishable food items for the needy. <br /> <br />th <br />Bob Suess <br />, 260 East 38 Avenue, determined from Mayor Piercy that the council acted earlier on the <br />th <br />funding request for WestTown on 8 Avenue. He said he had been providing affordable housing in Eugene <br />since 1961. He asked if $18,400,000 was actually required to construct 104 housing units. He pointed out <br />that did not include the cost of land, and asked if the community really needed a “Taj Mahal” for subsidized <br />housing. Mr. Suess believed the only residents who would benefit from the project were those who owned <br />property in the downtown core. He had seen the “ups and downs” of such subsidies in downtown Eugene <br />since he first moved to the community. Mr. Suess questioned the inclusion of retail space in the develop- <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES—Eugene City Council October 9, 2006 Page 2 <br /> Regular Meeting <br /> <br />