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was submitted that included an appraisal of the land value without improvements; sometimes the appraisal <br />would include land improvements; and most of the time the majority of claims were filed without any <br />appraisal at all, and included a statement from the property owner or representative stating their opinion of <br />the value of the property without regulation. Councilor Bettman asked if the courts had shown consistency <br />in how land value was calculated. Mr. Klein said there were no cases that had addressed the issue. Ballot <br />Measure 37 cases were just beginning to get filed, and the issues litigated thus far were more preliminary in <br />nature, such as the question of who could file. Mr. Klein said most claims filed had either been denied or <br />waivers had been granted. He was not aware of any cases where governments had paid a claim. <br /> <br />Councilor Solomon said that the ordinance continued to feel like double taxation to her and she continued to <br />oppose it. She asked about Mr. Welch’s remarks about the deadlines for filing Ballot Measure 37 claims. <br />Mr. Klein said that the measure stipulated that claims must be submitted in two years or December 2 of this <br />year or two years from the date a government applied the regulation to a piece of property. The initial <br />deadline was for submitting a claim to a local government without submitting a land use application and <br />applied to regulations existing as of the day the measure took effect. A property owner submitting a claim <br />after December 2 would first have to go through a land use process and have the application denied; at that <br />point, the owner had two more years to pursue the claim. <br /> <br />Councilor Pryor asked how many current Ballot Measure 37 claims the City of Eugene faced. Ms. Muir <br />said three were submitted. Lane County had received somewhere between 50 and 200. Councilor Pryor <br />asked if Lane County had a Ballot Measure 37 fund. Mr. Klein said no. Councilor Pryor asked how Lane <br />County was handing such claims. Mr. Klein said that the Board of County Commissioners was granting <br />waivers. Councilor Pryor determined from Mr. Klein that no other Oregon city had such a fund as that <br />being contemplated. <br /> <br />Councilor Pryor said the ordinance represented uncharted waters. He said conceivably, the City could grant <br />waivers instead of paying compensation. He questioned whether the City needed a fund of this size as it <br />appeared the City could raise a great deal of money to pay claims that never occurred. <br /> <br />Councilor Pryor was also concerned about the notion of double-taxation and thought the concept needed <br />more development. He pointed out that no other city appeared to feel the need for such a fund. He <br />supported having an additional work session as he was not prepared to support the ordinance at this time. <br /> <br />Councilor Bettman said governments were waiving regulations because they lacked money to pay the claims. <br />She questioned whether the City would need a planning division if the council could not pass new land use <br />ordinances or regulations governing development because each one triggered a Ballot Measure 37 claim. <br />The City would simply be waiving the regulations, and then one must ask if it was worth it to pay millions <br />of dollars to pay for a planning division. <br /> <br />Councilor Bettman asked Ms. Muir how many Planning Commission work priorities had Ballot Measure 37 <br />implications. She believed that opportunity siting and infill standards had the potential of triggering many <br />claims. Ms. Muir agreed, and noted that the new south hills standards could also trigger claims. She said <br />she would provide that information to the council. <br /> <br />Councilor Bettman said that Portland Metro was looking at a “windfall” tax to purchase conservation <br />easements tied to Ballot Measure 37 claims. She would like to explore that possibility in Eugene. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES—Eugene City Council October 16, 2006 Page 6 <br /> Public Hearing <br /> <br />