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<br />M I N U T E S <br /> <br /> <br />Eugene City Council <br />Work Session <br />McNutt Room—Eugene City Hall <br /> <br /> July 19, 2006 <br /> Noon <br /> <br />COUNCILORS PRESENT: Jennifer Solomon, Andrea Ortiz, Betty Taylor, David Kelly, Bonny <br />Bettman, Gary Papé, George Poling. <br /> <br />COUNCILORS ABSENT: Chris Pryor. <br /> <br /> <br />Her Honor Mayor Kitty Piercy called the meeting of the Eugene City Council to order. She encouraged the <br />public to continue to provide input to the council on a City Hall complex throughout the process. <br /> <br /> <br />A. WORK SESSION: City Hall Complex Priority Issue <br /> <br />City Manager Dennis Taylor introduced consultants Jonah Cohen and Thomas Hacker of Thomas Hacker <br />Architects to discuss the community forums and City Hall complex issue. <br /> <br />Mr. Cohen reviewed the status of the project and the decisions the council was being asked to make. He <br />said the project was in the development plan phase during the current calendar year, and that phase consisted <br />of technical studies and obtaining public feedback to assist the council in making informed policy decisions, <br />which would form the basis of the conceptual design of the project that would occur later in the year. He <br />said the project architectural design would be developed during the implementation phase in 2007 and issues <br />such as financing and phasing would be explored. <br /> <br />Mr. Cohen said the development plan phase consisted of four decision-making cycles, each consisting of <br />three steps: a council work shop, a public forum to educate the public and solicit specific feedback <br />requested by the council and a follow-up council work session to reduce possible options for further <br />consideration to give the design team clear direction for moving forward. He noted the current work session <br />was the final step in the second cycle and would focus on whether a consolidated City Hall complex should <br />involve renovation of the existing City Hall, all new construction or a combination of both. He emphasized <br />that the council was not being asked to select a site; that process would begin with a review of the first draft <br />of site selection criteria and site selection would be the subject of the next cycle of meetings. <br /> <br />Mr. Cohen stated that the current cycle began with the development of six approaches—two each for <br />renovation, hybrid and new—intended to explore how the project could be developed. He said a draft list of <br />criteria for evaluating those decisions was revised into a final list of criteria based on the council’s input. <br />He said construction cost models were developed for each option using multiple sources of information and <br />expanded to include the costs of land, demolition and relocation as well as the cost of maintenance and <br />utility costs for a period of 50 years. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES—Eugene City Council July 19, 2006 Page 1 <br /> Work Session <br /> <br /> <br />