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reminded the councilors that when anticipating the Police Auditor’s Office, the decision package had been <br />included in his recommendations and as part of the proposed budget, though it was developed as a stand- <br />alone decision package. <br /> <br />Regarding the sixth motion, which directed the City Manager to assign staff to develop a plan to implement <br />the ideas and recommendations in the report, Ms. Bettman asked if this was not redundant, given that the <br />direction would be to move forward with the top three recommendations. She asked why staff would be <br />taken from working on other issues when the $100,000 could be allocated toward setting up the position, a <br />commission, and the support of those efforts. City Manager Taylor replied that he thought the recommenda- <br />tions and the implementation strategies should be pursued sooner rather than later. He felt that waiting until <br />it was a budget item would delay the start of the process until July 1, 2007. He said he would propose <br />bringing someone from the environmental policy team with the current funding and then see if the council <br />would support ongoing funding in the FY08 budget. He sought to speed up implementation activities and <br />the staffing of the office so that it would be put into place this year and not next year. <br /> <br />Ms. Bettman asserted that it made more sense to move forward with implementing the first three recommen- <br />dations with the currently allocated $100,000. <br /> <br />Ms. Taylor thanked the task force for the hard work. She expressed her enthusiasm for the work. She had <br />hoped to adopt all of the recommendations at the present meeting. She wanted the council to decide to <br />provide ongoing funding. She averred that the “end of life itself could happen” as a result of global <br />warming. She would like the business community to strive for perfection in its sustainable business <br />endeavors so that everything done was sustainable. <br /> <br />Regarding the funding, Ms. Taylor averred that the SBI work was more important than many of the other <br />things the City was doing. She suggested that the Police Commission could go out of existence. She felt it <br />had served its purpose; the council could take over policy discussions about the police and the funding for <br />the Police Commission could be reallocated to the proposed SBI commission. <br /> <br />Mr. Poling supported the SBI recommendations and he supported getting a “jump start” on it. He stressed <br />the importance of being fair and equitable to all businesses whether they were local businesses that had been <br />established for a long time or new businesses to the area. He averred that there were “dynamite young <br />businesses” in the city. He did not want to give one an advantage over another. <br /> <br />Mr. Kelly agreed that it was important to work with all businesses at whatever level they were working <br />toward sustainability in order to “help them up the ramp.” <br /> <br />Mr. Kelly asserted that if the work was not funded in the budget, 90 percent of it would be “dead.” He said <br />one of the ways the City expressed its priorities was how it set its funds. He noted that the office of <br />sustainable development would not be “some giant organization”; rather, it would have no more than 1.5 <br />FTE. He averred it was eminently doable. He wanted to get things started, but he thought it was inefficient <br />to take someone who was doing other work now and reassign them. He suggested that the motion combine <br />the intent of staff’s final motion and the issue of budget package. He wanted to use the $100,000 to post the <br />position as soon as possible and, in the same motion, state the intent of council that the ongoing funding for <br />the office would be in the draft budget for FY08. Additionally, he hoped the next work session on this topic <br />would be soon. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES—Eugene City Council October 11, 2006 Page 4 <br /> Work Session <br /> <br />