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<br />M I N U T E S <br /> <br /> <br />Eugene City Council <br />City Council Meeting <br />Council Chamber—Eugene City Hall <br /> <br /> October 23, 2006 <br /> 7:30 p.m. <br /> <br />COUNCILORS PRESENT: Jennifer Solomon, Bonny Bettman, David Kelly, Andrea Ortiz, Gary <br />Papé, George Poling, Chris Pryor, Betty Taylor. <br /> <br /> <br />Her Honor Mayor Kitty Piercy called the meeting of the Eugene City Council to order and welcomed <br />everyone to the meeting. <br /> <br /> <br />1. PUBLIC FORUM <br /> <br />Mayor Piercy reviewed the rules of the Public Forum. <br /> <br />Aaron Bryant <br />, 5140 Northwest Highway 99, Corvallis, related that his son, a disabled social security <br />recipient, had his car towed while the son was “being tended to” with his parents in Corvallis. The cost to <br />retrieve the car was in excess of $600. He said he had talked to the City’s public service officer and <br />determined that towing rates were not regulated. He hoped the City would review its towing practices and <br />the rates charged by towing companies. <br /> <br />Alan Zelenka <br />, 1659 Orchard Street, councilor-elect for Ward 3, encouraged the City Council to adopt the <br />Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI) motions. He wished to recognize the efforts of the SBI Task Force <br />and thanked it for its work. He said he had campaigned on this issue, which was supported by the <br />community. He averred that the United States needed a national “go green” policy. <br /> <br />Zachary Vishanoff, <br /> Patterson Street, requested that staff pass out his packets of information in front of <br />him so that he could be sure this would occur. <br /> <br />Council Coordinator Lynda Rose did so. <br /> <br />Mr. Vishanoff said on the back of the packet was a picture of a park called Franklin Park. He asserted that <br />the City was going to “get rid of a park” by approving the real estate trade that was on the agenda. He <br />advocated for more public hearings. <br /> <br />Mr. Vishanoff alleged that farmers were being threatened with eminent domain by the Parks and Open <br />Space Division. He was worried that private developers could influence the City to take farm land and turn <br />it into nodal development. <br /> <br />Kevin Matthews <br />, PO Box 1588, president of Friends of Eugene, asked the council not to approve Agenda <br />Item 4 [he meant Item 3]. He said the implications were “far from transparent.” He asserted that the map <br />attachments and cross-section referred to in the documents were not available in the City’s document <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES—Eugene City Council October 23, 2006 Page 1 <br /> Regular Meeting <br /> <br />