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community.” He believed that the collecting of tax money, as suggested by the City Manager, was a good, <br />common-sense business idea, and he had testified to EWEB commissioners in support of the plan. He did <br />not feel that EWEB should become a public service monopoly; rather, EWEB was a part of the community <br />fostered by the City Council. He thought EWEB should function independently rather than subject all <br />decisions to the City Council. He believed, however, that there should be a better way to communicate <br />between the two. He suggested to the EWEB commissioners that they form a standing committee with <br />representatives of the two bodies to meet periodically and foster the exchange of ideas, cooperation, and to <br />work through conflicts. <br /> <br />Charles Biggs <br />, 540 Antelope Way, said he had gone to the Metropolitan Planning Committee meeting held <br />on the previous Thursday. He expressed his outrage at the cost of a traffic camera project that was part of <br />the implementation of the 2003 Intelligent Transportation Plan for the region. He related that the eight <br />traffic camera installations were slated to cost $800,000. He felt that the reason no one objected was <br />because the money was from the federal Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program funding and <br />was “just taxpayers’ money.” He said he had looked further into the plan and “tallied” the total for the <br />camera project. He alleged that the total was $22 million with another $1 million in software. He <br />wondered why no one had “raised their eyebrows.” He suggested that members of the public should call <br />their councilors and ask them why this money was being spent in that manner. He said he would be back <br />before the council to further report on this matter. <br /> <br />James R. Seaberry <br />, 1475 Green Acres Road, Space #162, spoke in support of the proposed one-year <br />moratorium on mobile/manufactured home park closures. He felt one year was insufficient and suggested <br />the moratorium be for seven years. He pointed out that people could work to upgrade the mobile home <br />parks and make them better places. <br /> <br />Zachary Vishanoff, <br /> Patterson Street, thanked staff “for wrangling over how people can get paperwork to” <br />the council. He looked forward to being able to “finalize” that so he could provide the council with “the <br />right documents” so that councilors could understand “the problems with the planning.” He alleged that the <br />University of Oregon was using money from the sale of Westmoreland student housing to purchase the “Joe <br />Romania site” and would use this to “help facilitate mixed-use development on Franklin and the pie-in-the- <br />sky basketball arena.” <br /> <br />Mr. Vishanoff felt the borders of the Walnut Node had been “drawn up in a cookie cutter fashion.” He <br />suggested the City “go to Salem” and ask for “more free money” in order to study the historic preservation <br />of the Fairmount Neighborhood. He noted that a historic review of the River Road/Santa Clara Neighbor- <br />hood had been undertaken and some of the borders of proposed mixed-use areas had been altered as a <br />result. He felt this was a good idea because it caused less animosity from the neighbors. He reiterated that <br />the City should ask the State for money to conduct such a study of the Fairmount area. Additionally, he <br />opined that the butterfly lot should “get a public hearing” before it was sold. <br /> <br />Mayor Piercy closed the Public Forum and called for council comments. <br /> <br />Councilor Kelly thanked everyone who took the time to come down. In particular, he wished to thank <br />people for their organized and eloquent remarks on the mobile home park situation. He averred that <br />nothing was more fundamental than food and shelter. He said society and government did much to protect <br />the roof over peoples’ heads. He thought there were likely many layers of legal complexity surrounding <br />this issue and thought a work session for the councilors was in order. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES—Eugene City Council November 13, 2006 Page 4 <br /> Regular Meeting <br /> <br />