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Councilor Papé raised a point of order about disposition of the two pieces of testimony related to the <br />transportation system maintenance fee (TSMF) when the record had been closed. City Attorney Jerome <br />Lidz said the issue before the council was adoption or non-adoption of the TSMF; it was not a quasi-judicial <br />matter and there was no record so the council was open for comments. <br /> <br />Councilor Kelly thanked those who spoke. He asked about the staff response to an inquiry about the status <br />of the McNail-Riley House and was concerned about any definitive action being taken without the council <br />having a chance to discuss the matter. City Manager Dennis Taylor said the information would be in the <br />Thursday agenda packet and he agreed that no action should occur without the council’s involvement. <br /> <br />Councilor Papé thanked Mr. Singer for his remarks regarding a Santa Clara community park and said the <br />City did plan to acquire property for that park in the River Road/Santa Clara area. <br /> <br />Councilor Taylor also expressed her concern about status of the McNail-Riley House. <br /> <br />Councilor Bettman thanked those who spoke and informed Rev. Winget that the new police auditor had been <br />hired and an enabling ordinance for the Auditor’s Office would be considered by the council on December <br />11 following a public hearing. She anticipated that the office would be able to accept complaints and <br />provide service to the community by mid- to late-January 2007. Regarding the McNail-Riley House, she <br />was astounded that the City would consider selling it because it was part of an agreement between the City <br />and adjacent neighborhoods related to the Lincoln School to provide the house for a community meeting <br />place in perpetuity. She thought that selling the property would breach that agreement. <br /> <br />Mayor Piercy thanked all who spoke and assured the public that no decision would be made about Civic <br />Stadium without a public hearing. <br /> <br /> <br />2. CONSENT CALENDAR <br />A. Approval of City Council Minutes <br />- October 11, 2006, Work Session <br />- October 18, 2006, Workshop <br />- October 23, 2006, Work Session <br />B. Approval of Tentative Working Agenda <br />C. Adoption of Resolution 4892 Concerning the City’s Historic Loan Program; Repealing <br />Resolution No. 3440; Adopting a New Historic Loan Program; and Providing an Effective <br />Date <br /> <br />Councilor Solomon, seconded by Councilor Ortiz, moved to approve the items on <br />the Consent Calendar. <br /> <br />Councilor Kelly said he had submitted a minutes correction electronically. <br /> <br />Councilor Taylor said she had submitted a minutes correction. <br /> <br />Councilor Bettman said she had electronically submitted minutes corrections. She pulled Item B. <br /> <br />Councilor Papé pulled Item C. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES—Eugene City Council November 27, 2006 Page 3 <br /> Regular Meeting <br /> <br />