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are doing” in bringing street annexations to the Lane County Local Government Boundary Commission. He <br />felt whether the street annexations were reasonable and logical or not, they were “exacerbating” tensions in <br />the River Road/Santa Clara area. He asserted that many people “would rather fight and die” than have <br />property annexed to the City. He opined that it was not a healthy environment in which to govern. He <br />expressed appreciation for Councilor Papé’s involvement in the area. He felt Councilor Papé had been <br />“disrespected” by many people because of his efforts. He hoped Councilor-elect Mike Clark would carry on <br />the interest in trying to “get something done.” He also expressed appreciation for Councilor Ortiz’s “deep <br />involvement” in the issues of the area. He commented that the two Eugene councilors had an extra job in <br />representing County constituents. Mr. Handy alleged that Commissioner Bobby Green abandoned his <br />constituents in River Road. He hoped the City could look at an annexation strategy rather than an <br />annexation plan. He wanted to halt street annexations for the present and to work on a “package” that could <br />be accepted and voted upon by all residents. He said in looking at the land use code, he felt stormwater <br />conveyance, the trees, density, and the skinny streets of River Road should be taken into consideration. He <br />asked that those issues be prioritized for a special River Road planning district. <br /> <br />Additionally, Mr. Handy thanked Councilor Kelly for his leadership and vision in the River Road/Santa <br />Clara issues. <br /> <br />Jozef Siekiel-Zdzienicki <br />, 1025 Taylor Street, stated that 16 months of meetings had been instigated by <br />Planning Division staff with a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) for $78,000 <br />for consultant work. He said there were countless neighborhood meetings and meetings with consultants, the <br />result of which was the Chambers Special Area Zone. He said a neighborhood standard for infill and <br />density had been set and the Planning staff initiated work on similar standards for the entire city. He asked <br />the council not to undo a ruling that only existed for a year. <br /> <br />Mayor Piercy closed the Public Forum and invited comments and questions from councilors. <br /> <br />Councilor Ortiz thanked everyone for coming. She asked the City Manager to ask neighborhood leaders to <br />join the work session on the River Road area on January 22, 2007. <br /> <br />Councilor Papé thanked everyone for attending the last official meeting in which he and Councilor Kelly <br />would participate. He commented that it would be tough to leave, but it would be good to get “new blood” <br />in the organization. He thanked Mr. Handy and Mr. Brown for their comments. In closing, he encouraged <br />Councilor-elect Clark to pay attention to the River Road residents as some felt marginalized for years. He <br />hoped that residents felt less marginalized after the work that had transpired in the eight years since he was <br />elected. <br /> <br />Councilor Kelly thanked those who spoke and especially Mr. Brown and Mr. Handy for the kind words. He <br />noted that there had been a comment about the old federal building “just sitting there.” He related that the <br />City continued to be told by the federal government and the General Services Administration (GSA) that, <br />with the exception of the courtrooms, they still intended to fully use all of the space. He hoped that the City <br />would look at utilizing the building should it ever become available. <br /> <br />Regarding master planning for the EWEB riverfront property, Councilor Kelly explained that the subject <br />emerged from the Downtown Plan. He said that before all or part of the EWEB site downtown gets reused, <br />there should be a master plan completed for the whole site, though the Downtown Plan was silent over who <br />should complete such a plan. He believed that this would be part of the discussion going forward as to who <br />could best do that. <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES—Eugene City Council December 11, 2006 Page 4 <br /> Regular Meeting <br /> <br />