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ORDINANCE NO. 20623 <br />AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING RESTRICTIONS ON THE USE OF <br />POLYSTYRENE CONTAINERS AND ADDING SECTIONS 6.874, 6.876, <br />AND 6.878 TO THE EUGENE CODE, 1971. <br />I1:1=11115d11 WKS] 0XRc]4011=I1Z6] *MQ NIM101FAM76]I110IT111. <br />Section 1. Sections 6.874, 6.876, and 6.878 of the Eugene Code, 1971, are added <br />to provide as follows: <br />6.874 Polystyrene Container Use - Definitions. For purposes of sections 6.874 <br />to 6.878 of this code, the following words and phrases mean: <br />City sponsored event. Any event organized or sponsored by the city or any <br />department of the city. <br />Polystyrene container. A container that is made, in whole or in part, of a <br />thermoplastic polymer, including, but not limited to, a solid polystyrene plastic <br />or a polystyrene plastic foam, made for the purpose of and ordinarily used <br />once for the purpose of serving, containing, preserving or consuming prepared <br />food before being discarded. Types of polystyrene containers include, but are <br />not limited to cups, bowls, plates, trays, and clamshell containers. Polystyrene <br />containers do not include: <br />(a) A cooler or other container that is made of a polystyrene foam, that is <br />intended for more than one use and that is enclosed by a solid plastic <br />shell; <br />(b) A tray or container used solely to store, ship or otherwise transport an <br />ingredient or food product that is not prepared food; or <br />(c) Polystyrene plastic material that is used solely for packing or protecting <br />items other than prepared food during storage, shipping or other <br />transportation. <br />Prepared food. Food or a beverage that a retail food and beverage <br />establishment prepares on their premises or that another person prepares and <br />provides to the retail food and beverage establishment for sale to the public <br />and that a person may consume immediately or without the need for additional <br />preparation. Prepared food does not include raw meat, fish, or eggs that have <br />not been prepared for immediate consumption. <br />Retail food and beverage establishment. Full service restaurants, limited <br />service restaurants, fast food restaurants, food carts, bars, coffee and tea <br />shops, grocery stores, convenience stores, hotels and motels, caterers, and <br />food service contractors. <br />Ordinance -- Page 1 of 2 <br />