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Aug 2017 Senate Bill 1051 became effective <br />Jan 2018 Council initiated two-phase process to implement SB 1051 <br />April 2018 Council hearing on Phase 1 ordinances (the “where” phase) <br />June 2018 Council adopted Phase 1 ordinances <br />June 2018 Phase 1 ordinances appealed to Land Use Board of Appeals <br />Nov 2018 LUBA remanded Phase 1 back to Council for additional work <br />Feb 2019 Council work session to discuss remand/provide preliminary input <br />May 2019 Council hearing on draft ordinance <br />June 2019 LUBA order regarding owner/occupancy <br />June 2019 HB 2001 adopted by State Legislature <br />Sept 2019 Council work session <br />Oct 2019 Council work session: direction provided to revise ordinance <br />Jan 1, 2020 HB 2001 provisions on owner/occupancy & parking became effective <br />2