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MINUTES <br />Eugene City Council <br />Harris Hall, 125 East 8th Avenue <br />Eugene, Oregon 97401 <br />January 21, 2020 <br />7:30 p.m. <br />Councilors Present: Mike Clark, Jennifer Yeh, Chris Pryor, Betty Taylor, Emily Semple, Claire <br />Syrett, Alan Zelenka, Greg Evans <br />Mayor Vinis opened the January 21, 2020, public hearing of the Eugene City Council. <br />1. PUBLIC HEARING: An Ordinance and Resolutions Adopting Modifications to the Parks <br />and Recreation System Development Charge Methodology <br />Proposed Resolution Adopting the Parks and Recreation SDC Project Plan; Repealing <br />Resolution No. 4863; and Providing an Effective Date. <br />Proposed Resolution Adopting Amendments to the System Development Charge <br />Methodologies (General Methodology and Appendices A and F) Originally Adopted by <br />Resolution No. 4900; Replacing Appendix E to the System Development Charge <br />Methodologies Originally Adopted by Resolution No. 4900; Repealing Resolution No. <br />4929; Providing a Phased SDC Increase; and Providing an Effective Date. <br />City Manager Pro Tern Sarah Medary introduced the item and gave background about the Public <br />Hearing topics. <br />Testimony <br />1. Ed McMahon -proposed that council wait two years before implementing new parks SDCs. <br />2. Tiffany Edwards -said the Chamber is not in support of increasing parks SDCs at this time. <br />3. Michael Gannon -spoke about using undeveloped park sites for the unhoused. <br />4. John Barofsky -encouraged council to step back and think about balancing priorities. <br />Discussion <br />Councilor Clark -said that council learned from staff that the City can build fifty-one new <br />park projects without raising the current SDCs; said he would prefer not raising the SDCs at <br />all, but that to meet in the middle he planned to make the motion to postpone raising the <br />SDC for two years. <br />Councilor Syrett - asked for staff to provide information at the work session about what the <br />impact would be on the project list if council were to postpone raising the SDC s for two <br />years and if that would allow for modification of the phase -in strategy; asked about the <br />administrative fees collected with SDCs and what the plan be would be for that money if the <br />SDCs were raised and more administrative money was coming in. <br />Councilor Semple - said she loves parks and wants to move forward on the project list, but <br />she's not sure that the time frame is essential; said she's concerned that the City is not <br />incentivizing housing and instead is increasing fees to build housing. <br />Councilor Zelenka - said he's interested in not disincentivizing low- and moderate -income <br />housing; said he'd like to see if there could be a waiver or lower amount for houses under a <br />MINUTES - Eugene City Council January 21, 2020 Page 1 <br />Public Hearing <br />