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April 15, 2020, Work Session <br />EUGENE CITY COUNCIL AGENDA <br />April 15, 2020 <br />12:00 p.m. CITY COUNCIL WORK SESSION Due to Governor Kate Brown’s Stay Home, Save Lives Executive Order to combat the spread of Covid-19, this meeting will be held remotely using virtual meeting technology. Information about online or other options for access and participation will be available at <br />Meeting of April 15, 2020; <br />Her Honor Mayor Lucy Vinis Presiding <br /> Councilors Emily Semple, President Jennifer Yeh, Vice President Mike Clark Greg Evans Chris Pryor Claire Syrett Betty Taylor Alan Zelenka <br />12:00 p.m. CITY COUNCIL WORK SESSION <br /> <br />1.WORK SESSION: COVID-19 Update <br />2.WORK SESSION: Proposed Use of Affordable Housing Trust Fund Resources <br />