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Sherwood Architects report about using the EWEB building for City Hall purposes; talked <br />about the number of things that would need to be addressed if this old building were <br />purchased because it is not move -in ready. <br />Councilor Clark - said that Councilor Evans is a good advocate for the Bethel area, and he <br />supports addressing the infrastructure issues mentioned; raised the possibility of proposing <br />a counteroffer for the EWEB building between $16-18 million; said the study Councilor <br />Zelenka cited was not current and this is not a clear cut -and -dry issue. <br />4. Consent Calendar 2 <br />A. Adoption of a Resolution Annexing Land to the City of Eugene (Assessor's Map 17-04-23-13; <br />Tax Lot 7400; Located at 1345 Elkay Drive)(City File: Finnerty, Kathryn; A 19-11) <br />MOTION AND VOTE: Councilor Semple, seconded by Councilor Yeh, moved to approve the <br />items on Consent Calendar 2. PASSED 7:0. <br />The meeting adjourned at 8:36 p.m. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />QW 14"A <br />Beth Forrest <br />City Recorder <br />(Recorded by Elena Domingo) <br />Link to the webcast of this City Council meeting here. <br />MINUTES - Eugene City Council February 24, 2020 Page 3 <br />Meeting <br />