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MOTION AND VOTE: Councilor Semple, seconded by Councilor Yeh, moved to <br />approve the items on Consent Calendar I. PASSED 6:0. <br />3. PUBLIC FORUM <br />Public Forum opened with a report from Eugene's youth ambassadors on a recent trip to <br />Chinju, South Korea, a sister city. Candace Shorack, the President of the Eugene-Chinju <br />Sister City Committee, introduced the ambassadors, Ashley Morzenti and Jasmine Vasquez, <br />who spoke about their experience with the cultural exchange. <br />1. Nate Otto - advocated for adoption of Score Then Automatic Runoff voting. <br />2. Tom Peck- shared actions council could take to help with help the spread of COVID-19. <br />3. David Ivan Piccioni - supported STAR voting and raised concerns about deforestation. <br />4. Samuel Schall - shared how STAR voting empowers voters. <br />S. Brett Blundon - supported short-term rentals and a reduction in building fees. <br />6. Chris Widdop - thought complaints about STRs were anecdotal rather than fact -based. <br />7. Allen Zundel - thanked council for considering whether to put STAR voting on the ballot. <br />8. Stephanie McLaughlin - expressed interest in sharing data about STRs. <br />9. Charles Fournier - spoke in support of STAR voting. <br />10. Wayne Martin - supported making it safer for unhoused people to sleep outdoors. <br />11. Erika Propst - spoke about traffic calming efforts on Jefferson Street. <br />12. Kim Hyland - asked council to make decisions on STRs based on validated data. <br />13. Sue Sierralupe - advocated for bathrooms to be opened for people to wash their hands. <br />14. Steve Piercy - asked for more traffic calming funds and de -prioritization of parking. <br />15. Jay Concotta - asked council to refer STAR voting to the ballot. <br />16. Rich Self - wanted full adoption of recommendations from recent report on unhoused. <br />17. Travis Johannes - supported Bethel receiving more community development funds. <br />18. Sara Wolk - explained more about how STAR voting works. <br />19. Bruce Sisson - shared data from a recent survey on STRs. <br />20. Jonathan Miller - spoke in support of STAR voting. <br />21. Joshua Korn - spoke of the ethical issues surrounding 5G technology. <br />22. Holly Berry - shared concerns about a potential 90-day limit on STRs. <br />23. Kristina Lang - shared her experiences managing a STR. <br />24. Anthony Martins - spoke of the challenges of the petition signature -gathering window. <br />25. Mark Osterloh - said he thought council should place STAR voting on the ballot. <br />26. Todd Boyle - shared recent report on homelessness from Lane County Legal Aid. <br />27. Karen Alvarado - shared concerns about the STR ad -hoc committee's process <br />28. Tim Kovash - voiced concern about the lack of collaboration on the STR committee. <br />29. Rowan - spoke about his recent experiences researching 5G. <br />30. Pamela Krause - requested more resources for public health to deal with COVID-19. <br />31. Hallie Roberts - spoke about the challenges the STAR voting campaign faced. <br />32. Matthew Yook - wanted an STR tax and greater transparency and access generally. <br />33. Mark Frohnmayer- urged council to push STAR voting to the ballot. <br />34. Katherine Dunn - spoke in support of STRs. <br />35. Will Phillips - urged council to review the data on STRs; noted professionalism of hosts. <br />36. Tommy "Soybean" Hiura - spoke about STAR voting; sang the national anthem. <br />37. Linda Sisson - shared concerns about the STR ad -hoc committee's process. <br />38. Jared Weybright - thanked the City for its support of the McKenzie Watershed Council. <br />MINUTES - Eugene City Council March 9, 2020 Page 2 <br />Meeting <br />