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• Councilor Zelenka - asked for comparison of natural gas needs in similar projects; talked about <br />CAP 2.0 and natural gas options; asked for clarification of the SDC credits; inquired about the <br />preferred timeline for the project. <br />• Councilor Clark -talked about natural gas infrastructure, expressed support for suggested <br />motion. <br />• Councilor Syrett - asked about connecting the high-speed fiber network to the project <br />infrastructure; spoke about natural gas options. <br />• Councilor Pryor - supported a future discussion of natural gas policy; expressed support for the <br />motion. <br />MOTION AND VOTE: Councilor Semple, seconded by Councilor Yeh, moved to approve the <br />proposed terms that are contained in Attachment A to the AIS and to authorize the Agency <br />Director to take all actions necessary to transfer the real property underlying the rights -of - <br />way shown in Attachment B to the City of Eugene. PASSED: 6:2 (Zelenka and Taylor) <br />2. DISCUSSION: A Resolution Opposing All Forms of Anti -Asian Sentiment as Related to COVID- <br />19 and Declaring May as Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month <br />Council Discussion: <br />• Councilor Clark - asked for clarification regarding the intent of the term "blame" in the <br />resolution. <br />• Councilor Evans - spoke about the impetus for the resolution and thanked Councilor Yeh for her <br />assistance. <br />• Mayor Vinis - thanked Councilor Yeh and Evans for their work on the resolution. <br />The meeting adjourned at 6:44 p.m. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />4ta lw <br />Beth Forrest <br />City Recorder <br />(Recorded by Carolyn Dimick-Kronberger) <br />Link to the webcast of this City Council meeting here. <br />MINUTES - Eugene City Council May 26, 2020 Page 2 <br />Work Session <br />