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4. Steve Piercy - expressed FAN's support for the ordinance and appreciated lobbying efforts. <br />S. Dwight Elder - opposed the proposed resolution as a low priority; said more data is needed. <br />Mayor Vinis closed the Public Hearing. <br />4. PUBLIC HEARING: An Ordinance Concerning State Traffic Laws; Amending Section 5.005 <br />of the Eugene Code,1971; and Providing an Immediate Effective Date <br />Mayor Vinis opened the public hearing. <br />1. Michael Gannon - spoke about pedestrian rights and police brutality. <br />Mayor Vinis closed the public hearing. <br />Council Discussion <br />Councilor Syrett - spoke about pedestrian safety and the need for outreach and education <br />by the Traffic Enforcement Team. <br />Councilor Taylor - said pedestrian safety needs to become more of a priority. <br />S. PUBLIC HEARING: An Ordinance Concerning Short -Term Rental Business Licenses; <br />Amending Section 3.005 of the Eugene Code, 1971; and Adding Section 3.350 to that Code <br />Mayor Vinis opened the public hearing. <br />1. Tiffany Edwards - said LGAC supports a simple registry for short-term rentals, not a license. <br />2. Stephanie McLaughlin - shared positive experiences with STRs; said licensing too onerous. <br />3. Patricia Moore - supported implementing a registration system for STRs. <br />4. Kathryn Dunn - shared her experiences as an STR host and neighborhood livability advocate. <br />S. Chris Widdop - said there is no data to support the proposal to require STR licensing. <br />6. Mike Grudzien - share his experience as an STR owner; opposed licensing requirement. <br />7. JoJo Jensen - shared the impacts of living next to problem STR; said more needs to be done. <br />8. Valerie Harris - opposed the proposed licensing requirement; spoke about equity in rentals. <br />9. Paul Schwartzberg - shared the importance of supplemental income from STRs. <br />10. Tim Kovash - asked council remove the licensing and registration requirement for STRs. <br />11. Brenda K- supported some mechanism to collect data on STRs and owner -occupancy. <br />12. Nancy Meyer - shared her view that non -owner -occupied STRs degrade neighborhoods. <br />13. Cheryl Crumbley - supported licensing and registration requirements as protective measures. <br />14. Pamela Miller - spoke about the negative impacts of STRs on local housing stock. <br />15. Emily Fox - supported the proposed requirements, noting the depletion of housing stock. <br />16. Kim Hyland - opposed the proposed licensing requirement; not opposed to registration. <br />17. Hannah Roloson - spoke about her STR as an investment providing needed income. <br />18. Linda Sisson - said the proposed license revocation provision was unfair and heavy-handed. <br />19. Bruce Sisson - said STR owners support registration, not licensing; encouraged more data. <br />20. Shayla Duke - said requirements violated economic freedom; supported simple registration. <br />21. Kristina Lang - opposed imposing new regulations at this time; supported more data. <br />22. Julia O'Reilly - said the new regulations don't support City goals or values. <br />23. Joseph Huynh - said the ordinance does not reflect the ad hoc committee recommendations. <br />24. Bruce Searle - said there is no evidence that STRs are a problem needing regulation. <br />25. Susan Wille - shared a personal story about being a part-time STR owner. <br />26. Steve Piercy - Said his STR was an investment; ordinance endangers his financial security. <br />27. Bill Aspegren - said there is widespread support for requiring owner -occupancy for STRs. <br />MINUTES - Eugene City Council June 15, 2020 Page 2 <br />Public Hearing <br />