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MOTION: Councilor Zelenka, seconded by Councilor Semple, moved to direct the City <br />Manager to prepare an ordinance and schedule a June public hearing and July action <br />requiring short term rentals to obtain a license from the City with the only license <br />requirement being the provision of information related to the STR (such as whether or not <br />the STR is owner -occupied and a local contact number) and the quarterly provision of <br />information regarding rental dates, the number of nights stayed by each rental party, and <br />the number of occupants per stay; and including an accountability mechanism and fee. <br />• Councilor Taylor - stated this is not just a nuisance problem and Council must act now to <br />prevent homes from being bought up and turned into STRs, driving up home prices and <br />preventing moderate -income residents from being able to rent; stated the City should be <br />limiting the number of STRs to maintain neighborhood livability, the owner -occupy provision <br />would take care of a lot of the problem, and nuisance enforcement has always been needed. <br />MOTION to SUBSTITUTE: Councilor Taylor moved to direct the City Manager to schedule a <br />June public hearing and July action on the draft ordinance that was presented to Council on <br />December 11, 2019. There was no second. <br />• Councilor Clark- stated there is a difference between registering and licensing that requires a <br />fee; stated nuisance enforcement is the issue and not just with STRs; said he understands there <br />may be more of an issue with STRs around the University area and suggested the fix is to do a <br />better job enforcing the nuisance code especially around the University; stated it does not seem <br />right to pay for an entirely new position by licensing STRs which are already down, rather than <br />just ask for information. <br />• Councilor Semple - stated she doesn't think licensing is needed but could support charging a <br />registration fee; stated the data collected now and in the near future will be reflective of the <br />pandemic, owner occupancy should not be threatened, there should be no restriction on <br />number of days rented, and registration should be with the online platforms; asked how much <br />would be charged for a fee and how long before a check -in occurs. <br />• Councilor Evans - asked the City Attorney if a new ordinance must be developed or could <br />existing ordinances be amended, such as the social host ordinance and a parking ordinance, to <br />address the issues that have been outlined; stated there is already a chronic housing condition <br />in Eugene that Council has been struggling to solve, and advised acting carefully. <br />• Councilor Syrett - stated she felt the original draft ordinance was over -regulatory and her <br />preference would be a registration system first, then consider a licensing system with a fee; <br />stated she could support the motion with a small fee and the idea of a moratorium on issuing <br />new licenses for a certain amount of time, such as 18 months; stated she would like to see <br />potential amendments to current ordinances that might fix these problems. <br />MOTION to AMEND: Councilor Syrett, seconded by Councilor Semple, moved to amend the <br />motion to direct the City Manager to bring back recommendations for amendments to <br />current City code that could address the issues raised by short-term rentals including <br />occupancy numbers and parking, and to include a moratorium on the issuing of new <br />licenses for a period of 18 months from the implementation of the proposed license <br />ordinance. <br />• Councilor Zelenka - stated he feels a moratorium is unnecessary since there essentially is a <br />moratorium due to the pandemic and doesn't think good data will be obtained during this time; <br />MINUTES - Eugene City Council May 20, 2020 Page 3 <br />Work Session <br />