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MINUTES <br />Eugene City Council <br />Virtual Work Session <br />Eugene, Oregon 97401 <br />June 17, 2020 <br />12:00 p.m. <br />Councilors Present: Emily Semple, Betty Taylor, Alan Zelenka, Jennifer Yeh, Mike Clark, Greg <br />Evans, Claire Syrett and Chris Pryor <br />Mayor Vinis opened the June 17, 2020, work session of the Eugene City Council. <br />1. WORK SESSION: CAP2.0 Update <br />Chelsea Clinton provided an update on the Community Climate Action Plan 2.0 and the Mayor's CRO <br />Ad Hoc Work Group. <br />Council Discussion: <br />• Councilor Zelenka - thanked staff for their work; explained the process started without a <br />definitive path but that path was created as the work continued, with a result of over 300 ideas; <br />stated this will be a great list from which to achieve goals and maintain momentum, and this <br />was an excellent work product and process with great ideas from the community. <br />• Councilor Taylor - stated it was a good idea to have the Sustainability Commission serve as the <br />group to work on accountability; suggested the Sustainability Commission could offer to speak <br />to neighborhood groups; stated in her experience, meetings spread around the community are <br />not as well attended as ones held regularly at the same location. <br />• Councilor Syrett - thanked staff for their work; stated she likes the idea of the Sustainability <br />Commission being the body to hold this work, and of the Sustainability Commission members <br />speaking to neighborhood groups, which will help promote bonds among community members <br />engaging in this work; appreciated aligning the annual report with the budget cycle and <br />commended the public engagement for the process. <br />• Councilor Yeh - thanked staff for the presentation; stated she supports the Sustainability <br />Commission reaching out to neighborhood groups; stated she is glad to hear of the reconvening <br />of the Equity Panel and suggested making it an on -going group. <br />• Councilor Semple - expressed appreciation of the process; stated she looks forward to <br />implementation and believes the Equity Panel is an essential part of that work; thanked staff for <br />being inclusive and responsive to the community. <br />• Mayor Vinis - stated this is difficult work and the fact that 300 ideas were brought forward by a <br />community survey speaks volumes of this community's potential to make needed changes; <br />stated this was a positive process and the participants felt heard, and as the City engages in <br />other equity work and police reform conversations, this would be a great model. <br />2. WORK SESSION: Parks and Recreation Bond and Levy Update <br />Parks and Open Space Director Craig Carnagey and Recreation Services Director Craig Smith <br />provided an update on the work accomplished thus far implementing the parks and recreation <br />bond and levy measures to renovate parks and recreation facilities, build new parks in underserved <br />areas, improve public safety in parks, and restore park maintenance activities. <br />MINUTES - Eugene City Council June 17, 2020 Page 1 <br />Work Session <br />