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MINUTES <br />Eugene City Council <br />Virtual Meeting <br />Eugene, Oregon 97401 <br />July 13, 2020 <br />7:30 p.m. <br />Councilors Present: Emily Semple, Betty Taylor, Alan Zelenka, Jennifer Yeh, Mike Clark, Greg Evans, <br />Claire Syrett, Chris Pryor <br />Mayor Vinis opened the July 13, 2 02 0, meeting of the Eugene City C ouncil in a virtual format. <br />1. READING OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG <br />In honor of Independence Day on July 4, Mayor Vinis and City Councilors read the U.S. <br />Constitution's Preamble and Bill and Bill of Rights and led the meeting participants in reciting the <br />Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. <br />2. COMMITTEE REPORTS AND ITEMS OF INTEREST <br />Council Discussion <br />• Councilor Yeh - reported that 114 applications were submitted for the Police Commission <br />vacancies and shared the policies the group would be addressing, including public assembly <br />and demonstrations, civil disturbances, field force, pepper balls, handcuffing control holds and <br />impact weapons. <br />• Councilor Semple - reported on the Human Rights Commission listening session on Black Lives <br />Matter issues; encouraged the community to wear masks to protect themselves and others. <br />• Councilor Zelenka - said he felt Eugene, in general, was very good at complying with mask <br />guidelines. <br />• Councilor Syrett - noted that masks are a matter of good hygiene; thanked Mayor Vinis and City <br />Manager Medary for visiting her neighborhood to observe the impacts of illegal camping. <br />• Councilor Semple - shared some local signs using humor to encourage mask usage. <br />• Mayor Vinis - stated that there was good momentum building for many critical local issues. <br />3. CONSENT CALENDAR 1 <br />A. Approval of City Council Minutes <br />• May 20, 2020, Work Session <br />• June 10, 2020, Work Session <br />• June 15, 2020, Work Session <br />• June 15, 2020, Public Hearing <br />• June 22, 2020, Meeting <br />B. Approval of City Council Tentative Agenda <br />MOTION AND VOTE: Councilor Semple, seconded by Councilor Yeh, moved to approve the <br />items on the Consent Calendar 1. PASSED 8:0. <br />4. PUBLIC FORUM <br />1. Gracie Schatz -asked for accountability for Eliborio Rodrigues' death; decried racism in Eugene. <br />2. Jim Neu -said the CAP2.0 is inadequate as written and doomed to fail; noted several missing actions. <br />MINUTES - Eugene City Council July 13, 2020 Page 1 <br />Meeting <br />