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City Manager Sarah Medary introduced the discussion, with the purpose of preparing for the July 20 <br />Council Work Session on Public Safety Funding Review. <br />Council Discussion: <br />• Councilor Yeh - shared that the Civilian Review Board (CRB), supported by the Police <br />Commission (PC), has requested the formation of a task force or ad hoc committee to assist in <br />reviewing police policy; stated that Councilor Evans has a task force or committee idea as well, <br />but would prefer he be present to articulate his ideas. <br />• Councilor Zelenka - stated he is committed to reform and action, both within EPD and other City <br />institutions; stated Council has received an enormous amount of public input and should ensure <br />everyone is heard; stated his first criteria for creation of a group is that it be an inclusive, large <br />committee with many voices including those of Council, commissions and community groups; <br />shared his second criteria that Council act in a timely manner while being thoughtful and <br />deliberate, making a plan for short- and long-term actions; suggested before the July 20 work <br />session, Council can make suggestions of different groups of people that could be on this <br />committee. <br />• Councilor Pryor -stated he likes the idea of being able to work on this in an inclusive way; <br />cautioned that accomplishing something constructive will take time and will need to be a <br />knowledgeable and informed process capable of harnessing people's passion and energy; stated <br />he thinks this task force can be a good way to do this, but wants it to move along. <br />• Councilor Clark- thanked Chief Skinner and the police officers who helped protect the <br />councilors' homes during the protests; stated he would like to hear more people in the <br />community talk about the outcomes they want to see; stated he served on the Police <br />Commission for nine years and worked on the use -of -force policies, and noted that if Council <br />reviews any of them, a thorough process is used; stated he was concerned to read the statement <br />from the City's Human Rights Commission which contained inaccuracies and misinformed ideas <br />about how policy is created and executed in the City; stated he wants to hear from the City's <br />commissions but they should understand how the City works. <br />• Councilor Taylor - expressed appreciation to the police department and stated she is concerned <br />for the families of police officers who are having to hear all the things said about their loved <br />one; stated she does not believe the police department is racist, and does not believe the City <br />has racist policies, but thinks there are people who are still racist; stated she is opposed to <br />forming an ad hoc committee and that Council should be the committee, working with police <br />leadership and officers; stated the local police force is being blamed for something that <br />happened in Minneapolis when it is not the practices and policies used here; stated she is <br />concerned about this and it is why she didn't want to sign the C ouncil statement which said the <br />police and the City have racist policies when that is not true. <br />• Councilor Syrett - stated it does seem like C ouncil is discussing two different ideas: <br />consideration of budget priorities as they relate to community safety, and consideration of the <br />City's police policies specifically, which predicates the request from the CRB and PC to form a <br />committee; stated she is in support of looking at a longer -term rebalancing of Community Safety <br />expenditures and watching for opportunities in the short-term, such as dedicating increased <br />marijuana tax revenues to homelessness and social services; expressed desire for Council to be <br />deliberative and engage with a broad sector of the community to define clear outcomes. <br />• Mayor Vinis - stated the City and City C ouncil have lamented the challenge of recruiting and <br />including young voices and diverse voices in the City's boards and commissions and policy - <br />making groups, and now there is a groundswell of young and diverse voices who want to <br />engage in civic decisions; stated she sees it an opportunity for both sides, for the City to <br />understand who they are and their concerns, and for them the opportunity to learn about the <br />civic system and how to make changes within that foundation and structure. <br />MINUTES - Eugene City Council June 24, 2020 Page 2 <br />Work Session <br />