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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> e City Council Dinner/Work Session <br /> McNutt Room--City Hall <br /> December 15, 1986 <br /> 5:30 p.m. <br /> PRESENT: Mayor Brian Obie; Richard Hansen, Cynthia Wooten, Jeff Miller, <br /> Emily Schue, Roger Rutan, Ruth Bascom, councilors; City Manager <br /> Mike Gleason; Assistant City Manager Dave Whitlow; Public Works <br /> Director Christine Andersen; Airport Director Bob Shelby; ASD <br /> Director Gary Long; Finance Director Warren Wong; Carol Calkins, <br /> Finance; Public Information Director Barb Bellamy; Doug Obletz, <br /> Public Works management consultant; Larry Douglas, Eugene Chamber <br /> of Commerce; Rob Bennett, Jim Boyd, Larry Shoop, guests. <br /> ABSENT: Debra Ehrman, Freeman Holmer, councilors. <br /> The adjourned meeting of December 8, 1986, of the Eugene City Council <br /> was called to order by His Honor Mayor Brian B. Obie. <br /> I. AIRPORT FINANCING <br /> Mr. Glec1son distributed summary minutes of the City Council Airport <br /> e Subcommittee meeting of December 12, 1986. He said the subcommittee had <br /> reviewed detailed costs of the airport construction project. He also said the <br /> proposed razing of the existing terminal building would be discussed'as part <br /> of a cost/benefit analysis. <br /> Mr. Whitlow said the subcommittee report had been mailed with packets on <br /> Friday. He said action on the airport was scheduled for the Wednesday noon <br /> meeting and would involve three issues: 1) project scope and budget; 2) <br /> financing of the City's share of the project (including the amounts, if any, <br /> of up-front cash and of referral to voters, along with sources of up-front <br /> fi nanci ng and annual debt service payments); and 3) the need for up to <br /> $300,000 in cash to keep the project on schedule and to carry design and <br /> administrative costs through March 31. Mr. Whitlow said the land portion of <br /> the project was scheduled to go out to bid in February, with work to begin in <br /> June. He said the terminal project was scheduled to begin in December. <br /> Mr. Whitlow said negotiations with the airlines indicated a latest airline <br /> share of $5.65 million. He said changes in the project budget were not <br /> recommended until a Circuit Court decision had been made on use of County road <br /> funds. He added that the hearing date on County road funds was December 29. <br /> Mr. Gleason said a final decision on the City share of airport costs could be <br /> postponed until January 12, when the ballot title had to be set. <br /> e MINUTES--City Council Dinner/Work Session December 15, 1986 Page 1 <br />