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Select streets and segments to find locations with related survey drawings. When you type a street name, the Street list scrolls to the nearest match based on the characters you type.

Search String

Type characters in Search String that can be found in Street Name, Location Description, From and To Segment. Click the Find symbol   find Symbol  or press Enter. The search returns survey records that contain your entered characters anywhere consecutively in one or more of those fields. Click the Reset symbol   Reset Symbol to clear your entry.

Book Number:
Page Number:

Select the Book Number and (optionally) the Page, then click the Find symbol find Symbol The search will return survey book pages list. The page image will be open in a new window/tab if only one is found.
Click the Reset symbol Reset Symbol to clear your entry.


1. Use either the Street Search or Field Search tab to retrieve survey records for a location.
2. Click the plus symbol   Plus Symbol on a line to expand the row and view the list of images associated with that location.
3. Click the View Image link to open a separate Picture Viewer page displaying the survey drawing image.

To view Location Book Records, please use the search tools to your left.

Location ID
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Please enter the search string and click the FIND button
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