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<br />Ce.uncil Chamber <br />Eugene, Oregon <br />March 22, 1972 <br /> <br />Adjourned meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon- adjourned from the <br />regular meeting held March 13,1972 -.was called to order in joint session with Lane County <br />Commissioners and Springfield City Council. <br /> <br />'. <br /> <br />Present: <br /> <br />Lane County CommiSsioners: Chairman Ken Omlid, Jess Hill, <br />Nancy Hayward, Staff: Lee Miller, Larry Thompson . <br />Eugene City Council: President Fred Mohr, Jim Hershner, Charles <br />Teague, Beth Campbell, and Ray Bradshaw. Staff: John Porter, <br />Keith Martin,' Sherman Flogstad ' <br />Springfield City Council: Vern Meyers, Roscoe Cole, Leonard <br />Clearwater, Mayor Darwin Courtright. Staff: Richard Johnson <br /> <br />., ' <br />....../.. <br /> <br />"Chairman Ken Omlid opened the meeting at 7:40p.m. in the Eugene City <br />Council Chambers for the purpose of hearing additional testimony on the <br />1990 Metropolitan General Plan. He explained the three governmental <br />units-- Lane County, the City of Eugene, and the City of Springfield <br />-- were involved in this hearing. After approximately 30 months of <br />development and consideration of the plan, the planning commissions <br />have adopted and forwarded the plan to these governing bodies for <br />consideration and possible adoption. He said that all officials have <br />had access to discussions and minutes of past meetings and are well <br />aware of previous testimony on the plan. '.' <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />In explanation of what is being considered for adoption Chairm~nOmlid~ <br />listed the following items~ <br /> <br />, ' <br />1971 Revised Preliminary 1st Revised Edition of the Etigene- <br />Springfield Metropolitan Area 1990 General Plan; <br /> <br />Errata sheet to the 1st Revised Edition of the 1971 Revised <br />Preliminary Plan for omissions on page 17, 44, and 47 of the <br />"1990 General ,Plan;" <br /> <br />The Metropolitan Area Plan Diagram - 1990; <br /> <br />An addition of a paragraph to Recommendation #6, page 29 of <br />the "1990 General Plan;" <br /> <br />A recommendation that public hearings to be a part of the pro- <br />cedure for both "annual" and' "major" review of the "1990 <br />General Plan;" <br /> <br />All testimony received at the January 26, 1972, joint meeting <br />of the planning commissions. <br /> <br />'. <br /> <br />The meeting was turned over to Mayor Darwin Courtright of Springfield, <br />who explained that official action could not be taken by the Springfield <br />City Council until its meeting of April 3 because the last council <br />meeting was not adjourned to this hearing. Thus, this meeting is not a <br />legal meeting for the council. <br /> <br />Chairman Omlid thEm turned the meeting over to the President of, the Eugene. <br />City Council, Fred Mohr, who said the meeting had beeIi,continued from <br />the March. 13 City Council meeting and was therefore still in ,session. <br />Mr. Mohr explained that at' the meeting of March 15 , Ray Bradshaw had <br />been, appointed to the Council to fill a vacancy on theboard~-.He then <br />ash~d Sherman Flogstad, Eugene City Recorder, to give the oath ,of . <br />office to Mr. Bradshaw. Mr. Bradshaw was sworn into office. President <br />Mohr declared a quorum was present and. announced that at the close of <br />the public hearing it was possible for the Council to take action on <br />the matter of whether to adopt a resolution for adoption of the 1990 <br />General Plan Revised Edition. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />Chairman Omlid, in his opening remarks, stated that this hearing should' <br />end discussions on the development of a document that will provide some <br />orderliness to community growth, land development and public and private <br />interests. All in all, this would enhance the community's livability. <br />He also expressed hope that there will be little repetition of testimony <br />that has gone on at public hearings in the past and asked that if <br /> <br />'. <br /> <br />- / <br /> <br />65 <br /> <br />3/22/72 <br />