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<br /> Council Chamber <br /> Eugene, Oregon <br /> June 12, 1972 <br /> . Regular meeting of ,the Common Councii of the city of Eugene ,:, -Or-egoi1 was called to order by His <br /> Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson at 7:30 p.m. on 'June 12, 1972 'l~' the Council Chamber with the <br /> following councilmen present: Mr. Mohr, Mrs. Beal, Me's'srs. McDonald, Teague, Hershner ~ Mrs. <br /> Campbell, and Mr. Bradshaw. Mr. Williams was absent. <br /> I - University Group Promoting City Interest in Eugene's Heritage <br /> Copies of a prOspectus of Eugene Skinner Ship Restoration Committee, Inc:, were distributed <br /> to Council members together with stock certificates, and an offer to sell at $5 per share. <br /> The company was formed for the purpose of moving to Eugene via the Willamette River the <br /> Eugene Skinner Liberty Ship, la~ched on July 14, 1942. However~'the 'ship was scrapped <br /> while discussion of plans were going on, and only the nameplate was saved. This was dis- <br /> played by the officers of the Company - Jack Seubert, president; David T. Young, vice <br /> president in charge of marketing; Rodney Brown, executive secretary and treasurer; David <br /> Springgs, chairman of the board; Leslie L. D.Shaffer, general office boy; and Alfred Lomax, <br /> historian. The ,public offering of comPany stock is proposed to underwrite the cost of re- <br /> turning the nameplate to Eugene. <br /> Mayor Anderson assured the officers of the individual support of Council members and ex- <br /> pressed relief that the plank displayed was not for waiking. He reminded the Company <br /> officers of the rule forbidding solicitation in the Council Chamber. <br /> . II - PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> A. Exceeding 6% Limitation, 1972-73 Budget <br /> Time element in advertising the 1972-73 budget prevents legal hearing'prior to the <br /> scheduled election on exceeding the 6% limitation on JUne 20, 1972. ,Hence, this <br /> specia~ hearing with official budget hearing set for the June 26, 1972 Council meeting. <br /> I <br /> Lee Penny, vice chairman of the Budget Committee, reviewed highlights of' the' proposed <br /> budget. It calls for exceeding the 6% limitation by $2,775,494. If approved, the tax <br /> rate per $1000 o~ true' cash value would be $9.72, compared to $8.68 for the current year. <br /> Don Petty, 1337 Hilyard Street, representing the Lane Political Action Committee, sug- <br /> gestedthe eight lay members of the Budget Comrni ttee resign on the basis that they are <br /> not representative of the people 'of Eugene. Mayor Anderson rUled the discussion out of <br /> order, saying the hearing is concerned with the budget, not composition of, the Budget <br /> Committee. <br /> Charles Potterf, 2685 Floral Hill Drive, questioned the increase in the budget and the <br /> 'expense of holding elections to authorize exceeding the 6% lirni tation. <br /> , . <br /> , Dorothy McLaren, 1920 Taylor Street, asked verification of the date of the'official <br /> hearing on the budget (June 26, 1972) and expressed the opinion that then would be the <br /> e time to discuss budget items. <br /> Irvin Wainer, 3334 West 14th Avenue, objected to the method of advertising the budget <br /> hearing and the increase in the'budget: He' said it is the Council's responsibility to <br /> gain publi'c participation in preparing the budget. <br /> Don Gall, Route 6, Box 1177; Michael Schull, 95 East 34th; and Michael Sprague, <br /> 231 East 12th Avenue commended'the CotlDcil on funds for social services included in the <br /> budget:. Mr.' Sprague said' that more than the appropriated $140,000 is needed' for these <br /> types of services, and that the budget hearing should have had more radio and, television <br /> publicity. , <br /> Gerald WI l'liamson , 2778 Friendly: Street,. (;j,uesti6ned the amount of taxes'paid' by the young <br /> people speaking' in support of the budget.. <br /> ,', C', <br /> B. Appeals, Conditional Use Permits <br /> 1. Shelter House, 2308 Wi11amette (R-G Zone) -' Neighbors in the vicinity of 2308 Willamette <br /> Street, the prop-qsed'locatioir~{jf a' 'fami,;Ly shelter house to be operated by Eugene Emer- <br /> gency Housing, appealed the deC'lsioil of the Pl'anning'Commission to grant a conditional <br /> use permit. The appeal was made on the grounds of incompatibility with 9lld harmful <br /> effect on the quality of the surrounding neighborhood. Memorandum from the Planning <br /> . CommissiQn indicates that the factors considered in the Commission's decision were <br /> that the Shelter HoUse will be located in an area zoned for multiple family use, <br /> thereby prese'rving similarity with surrounding de~elopment; suffiCient off-street <br /> - parking will be provided; the operation will be supervised by a resident ~amily; <br /> , maximum, niimber of guests wil;L be '25 (36 'coul'd be alloW"ed in this 'zone); and there <br /> 'have 'been no' problems from the standpoint'of neighborho?d, compatibility with this <br /> operation in its,present location. <br /> , , <br /> /j-8 6/12/72 - 1 <br />