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<br /> \ <br /> Council Chamber <br /> Eugene, Oregon <br /> June 15, 1972 <br /> .X Adjourned meeting of the Common Council of , the city of ,Eugene, Oregon - adjourned from the <br /> meeting of JUne 12,1972 - was called to orqer by His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson at'7:30 p.m. <br /> on June 15, 1972 in the Council Chamber with the following councilmen present: Mr. Mohr, <br /> Mrs. Beal, Messrs. McDonald, Teague" Williams, HersJmer, and Bradshaw. -, Mrs. Campbell,was absent. <br /> Continuation of agenda for June 12, 1972 meeting: <br /> I - ITEMS ~-CONSIDERED WITH ONE MOTION <br /> P~eviously discussed at committee meetings.'op' M~y--24~ 1972-~aj:t:,2, (Preserit::MS:lyo11 Ahqerson; <br /> Councilmen Mohr, Campbell, and Bradshaw); May- 31, -1972 (Present: Mayor ,- Anderson; Council- <br /> men Mohr, B'eal, Williams, Hershner, Campbell, and Bradshaw); and June 7, 1972 (Present: <br /> Mayor Anderson; Councilmen Mohr, Beal, ,Teague, Williams, Hershner, Campbell, and Bradshaw). <br /> Minutes of those meetings appear below printed in ~talics. <br /> A. Planning COnmUssion Report - May 15, 1972 <br /> 1. Reconsideration of zone change from RA to R-2 PD, southeast corner Norkenzie <br /> and Minda (Richard Miles <br /> 2. Reconsideration of zone change from RA to R-2, northeast corner 18th and <br /> Bailey Hill Road (Michael Safley) , <br /> Planning Commission reaffirmed its recommend~tion to deny both zone changes. <br /> Comm <br /> tf'\ Mr. Bradshaw moved seconded by Mrs. Campbell to confirm the Planning COnmUs- 5/24/72 <br /> sion recommendation. Motion carried unanimously. Approve <br /> B. Mall Regulations - A proposed ordinance, copies of which were previously dis- <br /> tributed to Council members, would bett;er deal wi th kinds of acti vi ties and per- <br /> missions in use of the_ downtown mall, and cure some legal insufficiencies' of the <br /> present'ordlnance. Manager said it might be well to refer the ordinance to a <br /> broadly based ad hoc ci tizens commi ttee for recommendations, and thereby avoid <br /> controversy at a public hearing. He explained changes from the present ordinance - <br /> climbing, to control "safety problems; fountain, so that persons may not throw <br /> trash or use other than for wading or observing; fund raising; seeing-eye dogs <br /> will be allowed; different-procedure for granting permits for use of the mall, <br /> and providing appeal from failure to obtain a permit. Manager said if the <br /> Council does, not wish to est,ablish an ad hoc committee, perhaps an administrative <br /> hearing could pe held to at least, give interested persons an opportunity to re- <br /> I act and give some input prior to official Council consideration. With regard to <br /> legal, insufficiency, Manager said the City Attorn?yfeels the present, <;Jrdinance <br /> I is unenforceable since it was adopted on the basis ,of a set of rules, and a <br /> violation of those_rules becomes a violation of the ordinance. <br /> Councilm~n Mohr~ecommended holding,an,ad~nistrative hearing designed to <br /> . eli ci t reasons for the changes in the ordinance, administrati ve _ experien<;:e wi th <br /> the present rules, and answers to questions with debate in a way not possible <br /> at a committee or public hearing. Mrs. Beal suggested people having an interest <br /> in the m{ill regulations should be notified of such hearing to allow ex<?hange of <br /> I views at that time rather than at a public hearing. Manager said there would <br /> be an effort made to gain widespread participation. <br /> Mr. Mohr moved seconded by Mr. Williams that Manager set up an administrative <br /> bearing on the proposed mall regulations ordinance. Motion carried unanimousl.y. <br /> Mrs. Beal asked if the Manager would conduct the hearing with the Council attend- <br /> ing but not acting. Manager said from the staff standpoint it would be helpful <br /> for various departments dealing wit~ mall problems to participate to allow ex- <br /> change 6f their problems and problems of people using the mall. Mayor Anderson Comm <br /> said it should be understood the administrati ve hearing will not precl ude a 5/31/72 <br /> public hearing. Approve <br /> C. Downtown Development District Board - Councilman Mohr distributed to other Council <br /> members a memo containing his thoughts with regard to certain sections of the <br /> proposed ordinance establish~ng a governing board for the Downtown Development <br /> District. He suggests a definition of the Board's purpose to include other than <br /> . financing and administering the: District, especially to include alternate forms <br /> of transportationp and a limitation on the sorts of programs that the revenues <br /> could be used to support. He also,suggested that membership include at least <br /> two Council members and that the additional appointments be made in the same <br /> manner as those for the Eugene Renewal Agency; and that grievances appealed <br /> from Board decisionsb~ directed to the Council rather than to the City Manager. <br /> Mr. Mohr said he would like to see a Council subconmUttee afJpointed to work with <br /> the Downtown Association committee in drafting the ordinance creating the board. <br /> I /p '" 6/15/72 - 1 <br />